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Kevin Sussman from ugly Betty's, forty eight Tara banks is forty five country singer Leila McCann's thirty seven Orlando Brown from that's so raven thirty one from the show Lucifer indeed. Woodside's on that one scarlet has devas-. He is eleven frozen grove down. The jersey shore southside, Johnny Lyon of southside, Johnny and the Asbury juices, seventy Jeff bridges sixty nine today. Leonard Skinner guitarist Gary Rawson, sixty seven so actress Patricia wedding thirty-something sponge singer Vinnie. Dombrowski fifty six Marisa Tomei is fifty four Chelsea noble down from growing pains. Jim. New York you get entertainment at thirty eight past every hour right here on ten ten wins. And if you love is on the radio one I'd like us on Facebook too. News all the time. Danton wins. You give us twenty two minutes. We'll give you the world. Good morning. Forty three degrees at one forty on this Tuesday, December fourth lane majority. Here's what's happening. President Trump makes it surprise. Visit to the capitol rotunda where the body of former president George H W Bush lies in state disturbing. New details of what people in charge were doing is eleven children were dying at the one accused center. Haskell the alarming rise in hate crimes in the city and across the country getting more attention limited group of senior senators will be briefed today by the CIA director on what's happening with Saudi Arabia. Accuweather calling four breezy. Colder conditions overnight, partly cloudy, low thirty five in the city dropping into the twenty Sinbo boasts. I'm Harris Allen, the wizards held off the Knicks one zero seven the that's lost their seventh straight.

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