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So although the pa yeah although the policies are such insights until like the socio pathology of play i mean what do you think makes them so good at what he does he's a good actor did you get he's a blank slate see his he okay okay now god i'll just say someone brought up his when he wanted to kademi award for american beauty they went back and his speech is like in hindsight it's very it's like i just wanna say people do horrible things and this character this movie is kind of a monster and i just want people to forgive monsters like it's like a hallway good for him the chef that was like oh it was yeah and then like in his apology he gave a recipe turn out with like good and figuring out not quiches any good i'm gonna why he had a bad night paula deen said i'm going to apologize my use at the n word with this ribs recipe we're all square it's so influenced by delicious i forgot about racist but that's so true like and then there were all the people that said okay politians a little old lady and she was raised in a time where that was acceptable or whatever so there's so many things weren't she's not that old that was one that was hurt that came into play i think what she said was that in her defense she only did it while buying brazil nuts she just didn't know that that's correct term there you go.

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