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So we're at a big hotel here in new york with members of heterodox academy they include college faculty and staff a lively crowd is here in this episode we're gonna hear from new york times columnist and author david david brooks who speaks about how his professors shape the way he sees the world when he was a student and also today and the potential for colleges now to improve are mental and spiritual health some serious stuff yet also there are moments of humor david brooks it's easier to demonize the opening and a lot of people do but you know i i did this piece maybe fifteen twenty years ago called the organization kid about princeton and it was about how students never challenge their professors were over that and i think that's on balance a good thing i think it's you know david foster wallace and the famous kenyan address said there's no atheist and life we all worship something and some of the spiracy earnings come out as a political radicalism neck and take a fanatical form but it does grow out of a spiritual journey.

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