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Making every time you do things we we lose. You like Games podcasts. Yeah they just leave this. What endoscope straight over to crunchy roll? It's really good. Anyone can do the like like resting Pika Chew but you do action pick anybody and do the basic well. Yeah Yeah I should learn more. You should now we should you know what's Pika Chew like having like a nice snack peak at okay. That's just human lip. Sounds though he has human lips didn't use it when they close up may do that Ren and stimpy close up on him. He's got a beautiful woman lips. Oh Yeah Yeah I do remember them. So my peak achieve body pillow has human lives. Yeah it's good now wear though Oh top and bottom and the back and the back of course you gotta get three just three lips or three sets ellipse three sets of lips. Okay okay with Z.. Y. needed clarification. Yeah right yeah so I maybe we should go ahead and get into this thing This whole this whole thing So I had a I had a weird thing today. My Dad doesn't really talk to me. He just is kind of communicates through suspicious on facebook and senator Sudan if you're out there if you're listening to the show you just call me. I'm not really on facebook that much anymore. So you could just call today and I saw this This thing you sent But you know just shoot me a techs next time But he he sent me a video that posed a I guess a moral quandary. Then I think a lot of black people have to face in their daily lives and I'm sure I'm sure you guys have dealt with About whether or not to use the N. word read. I'm sure sure Every day every day has question many times a day no Okay so so confirmation. I appreciate that and know that was joking. You joke easy to say no. No no I heard Brad say Middle Guy. Yeah okay You know I have the I have that problem my brother says it. Oh Yeah Yeah. But he's darker skin than me okay and are mixed so maybe you shouldn't do income. Wait are you mixed with a mixed with black okay okay. So that's what but because I'm light skinned I don't WanNa say it. That is understandable. Hannibal and I think a lot of A lot of people choose whether or not to say based on like just how they see themselves in the world and I think that's fine Brad on the other hand I appreciate your honesty. You should probably chill. My overall rule is Never say it on unless it's like a you so you need to say for some clinical purpose. We had. What a white person here that you know says it Um No really no actually you shit. I've thought about it. I can't decide if I want this podcast to be like Deliberately inflammatory or if I just I wanted to be like I mean to have this. You know a real conversation with someone may sway them. Yeah I just don't want like I'm not asking everyone now that you're here do presence here so I never heard breadth of your make a case for why you should say I do appreciate that now. I don't I don't I don't and have a the argument for that but just like if we wanted to do it like high school debates value take stands that you don't believe in if you had to make a case for why you should say the N. word ooh This feels like a trap. It is but all follow us because it feels 'cause fields because it's because it's a 'cause it's a song and it comes up on the Karaoke and you thought it would be flipped out okay. That's yeah you're not thinking. I think that's a that's acceptable. Well if you're so into the song you're singing into a screen you just like just Trinidad James is on and just you know everybody knows I one song you know Senate Dolgov would is the type of but if a wine in fact I feel like I feel like she does it after a wine but she liked uses the wine as an excuse like she was already planning on saying it and then she's like I got my wine I it's like talks wine cameo. She's what Cameo is Kim. You cameos at thing where like celebrities are on and you could send them money to say whatever whatever you want. Yeah Yeah we make her say. Yeah a map. I can download E it's on. It's just a website. Oh my God can yeah. I think she's on much money as she. She's like thirty bucks or something. Oh Dude I wanNA make her I want to host this show called the the nigger show and I wanna put her and I just WanNa like thirty dollars you pay for a cameo every week and then put it out as a podcast best great. That'd be great idea like Patriot content. That'd be great But no I did I did. I did a show a a few months ago where they did that. They had her Read off the lineup and nothing and hearing her say my name was one of the most jarring. Things insist that I've ever experienced in my eyes. Ahah right yeah really deeply uncomfortable. Because she's black all right and that's our show American artists activists author. Rachel Dole. Zoll book now for fifty dollars. Price is fifty in one day. Wow Wow wow. She's waiting for your call. Maggie price did go up. Yeah it's probably people are telling her to say bad things or something. Yeah yeah probably something like that another twenty if you want me to say the F. Word got us the fuck that one happy so on into payer fifty dollars a week and then put out a podcast. or It's you and her hosting. Yeah it'd be great to like record half a podcast and just have her just respond to it for thirty dollars so anyway. This video My Dad sent it addresses what we are talking about. It's by you guys. Remember Afro Man Yeah He apparently does not believe leave. You should say the N.. Word and so he made this is. What's up Mikka? Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega. Uh Hey man. Don't call me. That wow what are you want me to. They don't call me Anwar. Yeah uh-huh for North Eighty third to taste top is the word. The word is traced Sunderland word. The now we know Spanish word Mr Mousy -ation occurred and there was the birth of the word Baba Zine hundred it was firmly established into rock to arena. Shame in it remains. It is within no matter who's using it abused in it in the lose the melting pot of soup racial slurs from all ethnic groups in were mistrust mistrusts rape humiliation total senate. He.

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