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Pitch hitting the air centerfield backing up dosier and dosier braxton shop tian put a straight days he's taking home runs away that time maybe better than all the others best play i've ever made does you hit a more reliant popeye's time to get back there to go all i got back there so i was still pretty high hadn't jump higher than i usually have to so yeah that was definitely the best this is after hours with amy lawrence kevin pillar kion brockton is giving you a run for your money the calls with jeff levering on the brewers radio network and then brockton himself the brewers center fielder for the second straight day essentially going over the wall to bring back what was sure homerun and so by doing that in the ninth inning on independence day he preserved the freedom of the brewers atop the nfl central against the twins it was a one run game but that wasn't the only incredible moment there was a piece of history in this game too and this is the kind of stuff i'm a sucker for it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio cbs sports.

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