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They've never seen. Thank you so much for listening today. Join just by. I would not come on. And just ruin this on your guys. Thanks for having me. Today. We are ju-. If this episode ever is listenable enough ever come out. We are joined by Andrew Collin. Hey, thank you for being here. Thanks for having. And you've never seen a star is born now, and we're going to get to that here in a second. We're also joining the studio by Dave Ross. Hello, thanks for having me coming. And so we've been reporting four twenty minutes already. Good job in a nice time. What we don't know what it'll be in it bliss. So we want. I think we're do really going to get to your screw for stars boin born. It is said forever. Stories. Move. Stars Boeing here pretty quick if there's a way we just to start going warming. Boy. So you did write a script for a star is and. And very quickly. It didn't sound like what I know. Crazy is I look up a sound effect. Call Boeing I settled on laser. I thought it would be the closest to boy him you. Yeah. You just don't know words me. No at all. Well, I if I'm going for a Boeing noise, I got gunshot laser rifle shot scream how many shots. That's very Mary. You literally have all those downloaded in not Boeing. That's better than what was just imagining you Etta home alone. Just listening to scream these are just the sound effects that came with the program. I use the for the bo- straddle with my dad's. Oh, I see you wanted to you wanted to have a serious conversation. Okay. Calm podcast. This is a this is a film film. I wanted to have a serious discussion that screen how? Sounds or scream. Does this sound like the gunshot one? No. That's okay. I go. Yeah. That's this is Mike. It sounded more. The ones called family guy. That one's called DJ that someone's that makes sense the resigned this pulled history. Just the worst episode to introduce a new idea in. We've we've got a new sound effect that I'm gonna play any time someone talks about never seeing something if I can remember I've never seen it. We have my dad's saying I've seen it. And so we'll just. Ask your dad questions for the entire episode. It would be where's my son? You ask my dad, whereas my son and the answer is our never seen it. Yeah. If you dress and stuff like that. Yeah. You know setup. Punches turn. Yeah. So we're going to we're going to wrap up the episode late. Not right now. Well, I wish man. Yeah. In late. I have plenty of time. And I have with the game amount in Iran. This episode never gonna come. There's no way it's going to. This is going to go on what Stitcher would pay people to listen to. Stitcher premium. No, that'd be thank Stitcher. Okay. I don't know what that would be. I don't know what. The name Kyle come up with a joke. Stitcher pays people rather than they pay. Okay. Good. So now, we have a good joke for that. Great. Yeah. So at the end up, so we're going to play guess with movie caused airs describing having only what described Mutuel wherever the movie trailer game title. Eventually is. We're gonna tease it right now. Okay. He's playing racket ball. That's all we get. Oh, I know it is do you know, what it? Yeah. You know? What do we let them guess? No. I'll I'll say you'll hold until. Yeah. But I know what you're gonna do. You're going to write down right now. What your guess is for it? Okay. You can use the Pellegrino bottle to write on your paper racket ball. Yeah. You couldn't even remember what the one thing was. I got a good idea. Okay. I think I know I okay, there's many movies with racket ball. And this this one. I okay. I actually the more. I think you actually might know. Yeah. So we'll get that. We're going to get. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. To Iraq the ball. So we're going to do here even ever seen a star is born. No, it's new none of them. None of the stars are born than it is been remade a few times, we're talking Steve AG was in here before and us telling us, it was a remake of a remake..

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