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Hey guys i'm very excited for now that so sell that science this year house nate and today we are going to be interviewing jim paul can now about gorillas don't go bananas lose gambian awesome so hello 98 how are you i'm great great good here najem talcahuano could you introduce yourself well my name of jim caltech no and i am a professor of anthropology at loyalty university chicago and i'm also the fellowship director there site it helps students with prestigious national fellowships to do research and teach and other places and i am a biological anthropologist what's biological anthropologist um within anthropology there's four key areas general either considered that's cultural anthropology archaeology linguistic anthropology and biological anthropology and as the name suggests that has a lot to do with all biologic last specs of humans uh past and present and it has a lot to do with culture as well so sometimes i like to consider myself to be a bio cultural anthropologists which looks at how biology in culture interact and sometimes i've also see myself as a evolutionary anthropologists because everything i worked on has evolution as a key um foundation for it so that's that so before we compare a human to a guerrilla and a guerrilla to which i'm panzi rojo into guerrilla to abide no bozo first were going to ask this question ochre was my mom a good student or your your mom was very good student and uh there were times were there were light steady hung down from the ceiling and she swing on them during the class wa i'm just kidding she didn't do that he was an excellent food and then not only did i think that but all the other professors thought that as well and she was probably a lot like you always doing her best dan uh doing a good job at what she was asked to do and you know going above and beyond what was expected to do so uh a your mom was an excellent student.

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