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Out about their next seminar three oh three seven seven nine sixty six hundred this report is sponsored by Arapahoe basin little bit of a rain snow mix on the way for Friday today the last warm one the high sixty five with mostly sunny skies tonight down to thirty five I'm meteorologist Brooks garner fox thirty one or whether joint Arapahoe basin this spring for fun events concerts and also snow conditions purchase your two thousand twenty twenty one season pass today for the lowest price go to Arapahoe basin dot com or call one eight eight eight Arapahoe for more information Denver's talk station available everywhere with the I heart radio app number one for broadcasting seeks thirty K. now and I heart radio station hi Tom Martino here three oh three seven one three talk listen I want to talk about rudeness for a second there's no downside to being polite well if someone else though is being rude to you you generally want your back for sure well that's why what generally happens slot I don't think so honest to god I don't think or they're just in a bad mood but here's what I think okay I one I I think that I want to be nice to everybody but you're exactly right I react the way I'm treated but then I think maybe they're having a bad day and I just turned around and shift that paradigm that'll shift their day.

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