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For the first voice that's a that's represent of joe trillo can't hear dam already saying on a speaker box or whatever uh he's he's a uh reportedly ninety nine percent sure he's running for governor patricia morgan whose voice you heard there announced yesterday via youtube that she's running for governor today allan fung the cranston mayor announces that he's going to give it another run and so that's the uh the the latest on on who's running for what wear sort of so i know i only heard a couple minutes a match show earlier today i know he was running some audio from ah aaron reagan berg who is the state representative who kind of his you know one of the one of the let the of the only but one of the astra minds behind the progressive movement in this state eat a tough little cookie early is ease you know he's kind of an affluent kid who's you'll come into the into the scene at the general assembly uh you know i like about him is you look you score in the eye he'll fight with because they've had a couple of good battles with him over uh over some issues uh and he's running for lieutenant governor to be lieutenant governor this is he's running overdue in ago it'd be lieutenant governor i this notion that i i don't know why i don't know why aaron ring berg's rennick lieutenant governor other than he's got nowhere else to go and needs to grow brand so he's going to take on dan mckee if dan mckee is running for reelection and damba key was playing footsie today with the press about what his intentions are he has a scheduled november seventh event where he's going to announce what he's doing next and one of the interesting things about dan is that he added lieutenant governor he is that of the if he's he's suffers from a name recognition issue which is fascinating to me he's got fifty percent nobody knows nobody has an opinion on him numbers and he's the sitting lieutenant governor and in so many ways that makes sense and in so many ways it is such an indictment on us we the people and i thought i would talk to you about that just a little bit because that is.

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