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When they realize that they're not the traffic is still is going around them in a detour. Then they say, this is the argument. State Patrol used that it was It was safer. What they didn't calculate on well enough, apparently, after all, this was 19 days in where they were doing this 19 nights, I guess. They didn't calculate that someone would intentionally You know, go around barriers to get at them. Now it's true. We don't know enough about motive at this point, but what we do know is again based on the eyewitness accounts. It sounds like this person had to go. And I guess if you're drunk, I can see maybe you, you know, entering the the off ramp unthinking. It's an unwrapped, but they said there were no drugs in the system or no. You know, no sign of impairment, which that seems intentional. But if they if it also if they also had to drive around the barriers. That's that Seems more intentional or not, And I think at that point I realized Oh, this might be enough. A big scene for you know, for perhaps Auntie protester types that they would actually go against the grain and not just be a regular flow of traffic. They decide now we better We better just shut it all off documents. What was the violence? So walk me through it? Because you said they wanted to stop the violence. So here comes the group of 30 people. They come marching down pine or whatever. Then they want to get on I five explain where the violence begins to occur is that when the police tried to stop them, no violence, they meant what they said was. They didn't want any car pedestrian incidents. And so they figured the bit the easiest way to do that was to divert traffic because they were at the time when they first started. This, there were like 200 at the time, and that was too many people to stop. From getting on the freeway. So why? Why? Why? Why? Why is 200 people too many to stop? If you know that they're going to illegally go onto the highway. It's so the violence occurs when you're trying to stop the 200 sir, just like we give up the East Free silence, just like we give up the East precinct trying to stop violence. Just give it up the East precinct and remove the barriers. So therefore there's no friction. We decide what we'll let 200 people go and dance on the highway. We'll close the highway down to protect them so they can dance. And then we'll open and then they leave right. So the idea is the violence would have her. If you tried to stop the doing of the violence could occur if you protected the East Precinct, right? Well, first off. I don't know what you're fixating on the word violence. Only violence I rising is the car violence against the people. If the car hit people, people would get hurt. Maybe the people in the car would get hurt as well. They were trying was a form of de escalation, and they don't have enough cops. To stop this because all this other stuff is going on remembered. Most of these were happening while chop was still in existence. OK, Wei have all these other incidents that the cops have to follow. They decided this is most effective and for 19 days and more or less, was it inconvenienced people, But they were fewer and fewer protesters. If this unfortunate thing hadn't happened, it might have kind of, you know, sort of resolves itself peacefully. Through sheer acts of boredom with a chop ended after they marched on the mayor's yard and chop ended after that kid got killed. A second person got killed that was in the shower. This ends after this woman gets run down by this guy in this car. Here's the black lives matter. These air black lives matter. Women's March organizers. I guess these are the ones that were out there. Breaking the law on the highway at approximately 1:38 a.m. life forthe four suspects with a camcorder were spotted in the bushes alongside the freeway. Every way in which State Patrol blocked for the protest, however, the state patrol left one off him open. White Jaguar people use that offer him and went in the wrong direction. The vehicle, then proceeded to drive around our barricade and deliberately hit our protesters. Vehicle attempted to turn around and hit us again, but our security vehicles chased down perpetrator stopping the second attack. For what? Suspects in the bushes, recording the attempted murder, fled the scene and are still at large. This targeted attack her life with this was.

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