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Mickey mantle's their troop that is true your guy and not only that he also mentioned in his press conference that his brother his name is casey was named after casey sorry catch that is that right casey stangl that's right about that but yeah he was very law the most but a beginning backward assume so go and then he told the losing to learn about among i'm not front a judge in because no matter what he said yesterday good or bad it's not really gonna matter that's as proof is going to be in the putting as they say they're going to be couple approves when this team faces adversity has he hit a locker room how does he handled the media it's very easy to handle the media on day one he loves everybody everybody's grade excited to be here date the media in new york city the beat riders us fans we can be tough we can be very murray toffee think and there are some that can't deal with that and then there are some the kent one thing that mckee will never have to worry about though what's up talking to us that is very have to worry about us putting his fire now you can take that but you never know i'll just say by few half rats and true contract contracts makes strange bedfellows and that is very true you never know right about that now i thought he came across like a nice guy he was very thankful to his family and ted front will pond for the free our lunch that he had this story he gave a by casey single went absolutely nowhere i thought there was going to be some light rain to be funny is oh no it wasn't anything it was all the story about how in casey staying go was a player right okay he was dodgers yeah he's arm was injured right and he decided to rehab to become like a coach at old mess and the whole old minutes omiss armoured mississippi mickey callaway also went to olmez day mickey callaway when he was recovering from i think tommy john surgery decided to take a deep three coaching job that's the story some powell i see and let me say issued all i tell you what if he wins with the mets have as many championships as kc one with the.

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