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Twelve roger federer. thirteen was jimmy connors. The fourteen was pete. Some price and number fifteen was chris effort round four. The fun around was geography and the end sitting on sixteen. Mount everest is part of the himalayas. Questions haven't seen the un's group that was not a group of greek islands. Was the pentagon needs. I just made that up. Eighteen stretch of water separating australia and new zealand as the tasman sea team. That river formerly known as zaire is the congo and number twenty. I needed three of the ten countries that the sahara spans. Any three of the following with algeria chat egypt libya mali mauritania morocco nesia sudan or teenage year. That's it quiz eight five full. Thank you very much for listening. I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is as a appreciated. Some people leave their schools on the website. Www dot put crystal. We can email me. Quizmaster poled crystal or this facebook and twitter pisces. A few mistakes before we go. Happy birthday to gareth with from emily. Michael people stay deanna from job and happy birthday tracy from.

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