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A. dot com. A lot. Coming your way this morning on the heels of that chauvin verdict so the former minneapolis. Police officer was found guilty of all three charges. Relative to the death of george floyd. We're going to check in the morning With a veteran trial attorney by the way it's a name that some of you of a certain vintage might know quite well as john o'connor actually represented that w mark felt That name sounds familiar regarding the revelation of his identity as deep throat in the watergate scandal. John o'connor legal analyst attorney author of a post gate how the washington post betrayed deep throat covered up watergate and began today's partisan advocacy journalism. He's also host of the mysteries of watergate. Podcasts mr o'connor weighs in on this at eight five coming up keith. Whiteman presidential wealth management. Well the market's been down for two days in a row. Is there any clear direction as of this time this morning. We'll check in with keith. Widening presidential wealth management injustice few seven thirty. Now thirteen ten. Kfi kfi what's happening in your own backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten k. a. k. a. At seven thirty four keith. Whiteman presidential wealth management in and well Market seems to be in a mood down for two days in a row. What gifts well what a lot of things it adds. Some analysts are saying it is worldwide reports of climbing covid nineteen infections. You know i. I.

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