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And i know one thursday's you're used to hearing a little of me in a lot of andy iskoe because that's just the way you rolls but the the guys of stopped by this very special we have the mid four hundred race coming up uh and and uh and when does it start ways of tomorrow when tung the race actually starts on saturday starts on saturday okay to end it goes how long he goes route throughout the day there's so light division from about six am till noon okay and then from vowed noon on there's the heavy division which i was supposed to be an but i i happen to flip my truck twice uh and practicing annan arm twos practicing hey guys did he practicing somewhere between 40 and 60 miles an hour came into a washout came to a dead stop a broken sternum per in kind of all over little concussed but hey it's a it's all fun it's all worth it at the end of the day so until you are to continue on yup i love you man i have you just uh yeah you know what whether the vehicle breaks down or your body breaks down juice fixing key going mad god bless you man awesome awesome stuff to have these guys here in studio and uh boil it john tell me a little bit more about your uh your trek cross country not fifty eight hundred miles i mean in a fifteen month beer i mean that's a i mean in you talk about going from three hundred eight pence to one ninety what were you done when you're dug were done walking so i am ended up rowland and right around 210 and uh i i found a really great way to do it about half way crosscountry into the midwest i had to it about a a big tub of um if like butter flavored chris go okay and then i got just a massive stack of flats of tortillas and i would just wiped out and i called fat rollups and then for dessert i.

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