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All right question time as we go into the off season. What are you most interested in? What would you like? To see biggest concerns Harry title, which we start with you. Well, I mean, it's all about pitching, right? It's all about pitching. And we waited and waited for Michael kopech who unfortunately had the injury and had to have Tommy John surgery kopecks should be back better than ever in twenty twenty. But next year Karm who are the five starters will comprise this pale hose rotation. I think three or pretty obvious. Sure. I there's no doubt that Rinaldo Lopez Lucas Julieta and Carlos ROA, Don or going to be in that rotation and Rick Hahn who again, we'll talk to after one thirty spoke with me. And he spoke with the media talking about the we'll be looking for pitching this off season. Long term short term. Somebody some arms are coming in for both starting and the bullpen as well. Well, I mean yes in the Myers. I mean before you go looking for it. There might be a couple of studies right there in the minors. And you know, we've we've talked to a couple of these guys still cease, right? But still a euro away. There's no way. Dylan is going to be. And there's no chance that he started in the year with the team. I wouldn't think and there's I would say a very small chance that it'll be up at any point next year. I suppose it could happen. But that would be the way the White Sox have gone about this. It would make logical sense. That cease would make his debut in twenty twenty early part of two thousand twenty where there's also a couple of other starters in the minors. But one guy who's been throwing in relief was started at the started this year. Carson former that's an interesting name hill. I'm sure he'll get every opportunity to make the club out of spring training. Little independently does I I don't think I don't see him as a starter for the White Sox. Again. I think that the judge has made up his mind he's and again, this is not necessarily a bad thing. There's a lot guys to get converted to the role of relief pitcher they become setup man, they become closures and they flourished, and this is not a bad thing. But if I am Carson Fulmer, and I'm you know. How old are you twenty five years old eight twenty five I don't wanna be like labeled you know, as a bullpen guy. I want to have a chance to come back. I've been working on this all year in Charlotte. I want to come back and have a chance to be in their starting rotation. Yes, I can get that as a desire, but I've been Carson Fulmer would just be happy to be in the big leagues. And the fact that they've used them out of the bullpen at Charlotte for all, you know, the last two three months of the season. I think the ship has sailed as far as Carson being starter things. Get change James if he pitches phenomenal and spring training, it it might interesting to me is James shields. Who's a free agent. They now everybody thought he wasn't going to be back. But you are looking for someone who can be there for a year or two maybe signs a one year deal with an option. This guy who led you in innings pitched. He's an innings eater. Look how many seasons he's done that car. Right. And he's incredibly well respected in that club Ozzy through two hundred and four and two thirds innings this year, you only gave up one hundred ninety hits that ratio is Lenny struck out a hundred fifty four guys night and his era was four and a half. So look it's not the sexiest resigning, but I there's a lot of respect for James shields. Any might it might make sense both financially and planning wise to bring him back. We'll see Colonel showdown talks about how even more than Don Cooper. James shields has affected him. He has given him show much positive. Not not in the same way. That coop would be pitching coach. But he said James shields has taught him how to go about the business of being an everyday starting pitcher. And so he brings to the table as well. So we'll see let's talk to Rick Hahn coming up here after the one thirty news. We'll take a quick time out and Shanley the studio. No, you should you. Should you should be right there? Harry. I'm sorry that you were not at attendance on Wednesday. I talked to Rick. But I know that you'll have just grandiose reactions that you could share afterwards. So so we'll all look forward to that White Sox weekly continuing at seven twenty WGN. And we're here with you till three o'clock. Okay. The best eleven players screen bears. Tweet winter bears. None of us ever thought. This was going to hate. It's best cheer. Real serious. The bucket news come to Soldier Field. Sunday of news. Take all the first place bear camp. Oh being cast breaking.

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