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Focused on sanctions on the who tease that might be. Hindering humanitarian aid to the people of yemen vitally important even in the midst of this crisis that we do everything we can to get monitoring assistance to The people of yemen who are in desperate need asked about china. Lincoln said he agreed with the previous administration's condemnation of beijing's treatment of weaker moslems my judgment remains That genocide was committed against against the leaguers and that that hasn't changed in good morning here. On capitol hill. China was also a focal point at a nomination. Hearing for president joe biden's nominee to be the next. Us ambassador to the united nations. Linda thomas greenfield. The career diplomat sought to the concerns that she might not be tough enough on china at the united nations and senator. If i'm confirmed. I commit to working with this committee to counter china at the un to fight against all efforts by the chinese government to add harmful language to the un resolutions and thomas greenfield said china's success on the international stage. Depends on america's with y'all from world leadership adding that will not happen on her watch. Nations cindy sane view. A new So they're they're super deferential to the biden administration and know the skies are not our friends skies are not. They're not the world's friends chief. Jinping yesterday stepped up and made another strong statement about taiwan. He said Independence means war said yesterday. They're flying fighter jets over taiwan and they're saying independence means war now the whole time that I'm sorry we're not going to get this. Fbi stuff till tomorrow one of the things about the new format. I'm going to be hard on times and so it is what it is Which is good news. I guess and it'll be what it is. I think we're going to two hours before you know what though that's kinda cool so but you know the they're flying these a jets over taiwan and she's pingers threatening because under the trump administration. What did xi jinping. No he knew we were going to defend taiwan. He knew that trump was minimum. He couldn't predict him and it wasn't a safe bet that if they moved on taiwan america would do nothing. Now what do you think happens sir. So just thought experiment. What do you think happens if we've got the. Us eisenhower over there right now or on cruise. I think the eisenhower doesn't matter. We got one of our curbs on crews had not direction. What do you think happens. If xi jinping sinks aircraft carrier says. it's a mistake. what do you think happens. Do you think we go to war or do you think we let him say it's a mistake. Do you think we go. Oh man if you do that again. We're going to get really really really really mad. This is the problem with the biden administration and it was the problem with the obama administration before them when they drew the red line in syria and then didn't keep it. Everyone knew that there were full of baloney. And then they won't back up what they say and everybody knows that they're for sale and people in taiwan are risk because of it right now and the people all of the world or risk because right now they're trying to stir the pot for war in the middle east. They're trying to stir the pot for war with iran. They're trying to stir the pot all over the place and these guys are dangerous to us. I don't know what to do except inform you and ask you to continue to pray. Thanks again for supporting the republic keeper broadcast. I'm doing my best guys. Be back tomorrow and if you can find a couple of bucks to support the show. The po box pillbox four. Nine one woodinville washington ninety zero seven two dash zero four nine one. Thanks again and back tomorrow thanksgiving tomorrow. You're listening to republic keeper..

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