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Simple as that. So then then we have the breaking news from earlier today. That. And I I I have the print out here from various sources that the Trump administration has given the FBI. So essentially told the director Ray that the Trump administration, according to reports is leading the FBI expand the cavenaugh approp- and Trump said as much during the presser today. Trump said, hey, listen, let the FBI go where they wanna go. I don't think there's any behind the scenes wink and nod. No, I don't think Christopher Wray would want any part of that or be any part of that or Lao his agency to be manipulated in that fashion. So the indications here are that President Trump. And the White House is saying is much. Now the last couple of hours that they are allowing and authorizing the FBI to expand the cavenaugh investigation. Which means interviewing more people nine of the Democrats. So what does the number twenty four? There's this word out from earlier today that the Democrats handed over about twenty four. Yeah. I just wanted confirmation that the the Democrats wanted and the handed over list of twenty four individuals they want the FBI to investigate. And of course, by tomorrow, Ican aunt one hundred two that I'm sure the Democrats are going to want one hundred twenty four investing. And then the next day. It'll be twenty four has less. Does it escape me? I know the score. I get it. I know that the Democrats are trying to just delay delay delay run out the clock, hopefully, win the midterm elections in the house. But more importantly, the Senate since this is a confirmation under the Senate purview, obviously. And they would love to stop Trump dead in his tracks the house, I'm scared. The house could go democrat that that oh by God. But the Senate that's a tougher climb. But it's not out of the question. And then you wanna talk about just nasty despicable payback against Trump. It would be it would be it'd be like nothing we've ever seen where a president in power and his party, not faring well in the midterms and that historically has happened as we know. But if this happened now. Oh, my it's going to be. Whatever you think it is exponentially jacket up by one hundred. Grabby calls here in a second. But just expanding on this expanded cavenaugh paroled that the Trump administration has told the F B FBI have added investigate whoever and whatever you want the agreement was get it done in a week. And of course, we know what's going to happen. The Democrats are gonna start bellyaching anytime. Now all weeks not enough. We need two weeks already through. Let's get it done in a week. A lot can be done in a week. So the New York Times earlier today reported that the Trump administration is going to allow the FBI to go where they want to go investigate an interview who they want to. They think is necessary. In order to in this timeframe. Investigate any allegations against capital. And will the White House agree to concessions while the White House then on Friday because the investigation is supposed to be wrapped up by Friday will the White House then on Friday say okay, we're gonna get the FBI another week or maybe the three or four days, it'll it has to be concluded by Tuesday or Wednesday. Is that a possibility? Well, it wasn't the fact that the White House and the New York Times is reporting that the White House has agreed to let the FBI go where they want to go and that Trump signed off on this. I we that shows already there concessions. Will they concede and allow a little more time with the FBI at the end of the week who knows? Mcconnell is saying there's going to be a vote this week. So that means wait a minute. The F. I I don't know how that happens at the FBI investigation concludes by CEO be on Friday. Close of business on Friday. I don't know how you have a vote. On friday. I mean, maybe again will this be that special Saturday session that McConnell told the Senate staffers and senators to plan for last weekend? Maybe they'll maybe the love begin debate and open it up on on Saturday. Maybe they'll walk work all weekend. So there you have it. That's the latest. All right. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine nationwide number here on Schnitt back to phones, let's grab how about Thomas is in Snowmass village in Colorado. Hello, Thomas, Huron, Schnitt. Hi, todd. I love your your scores. Scorched earth mentioned listen. I'm just I'm just amazed that Dr Ford has been escaping do scrutiny. I mean when she got up there she lost diminished. She started reading from a script that she was terrified. I mean, it just that didn't that didn't that didn't watch with me. She showed look right into the the audience, the senators, and then she spoke like a traumatized child with arrested development. Yes. She's a college. Professor. Yeah. I mean, I I'm sure he was coached to behave as though it just happened last week. But I I am just I'm just not buying it off. I think she was traumatized. Yes. But how how Thomas he Thomas, you might be you might be the minority there and pick him county, Colorado, right? I don't know. I hope not. You might you might be a couple of things. A couple of things as far as her being terrified on this. And I believe she was nervous. I mean, anybody I would imagine testifying under these circumstances before a Senate committee under penalty of perjury. I would imagine that you'd be a little bit nervous as far as having prepared remarks and reading that doesn't trouble me because also keep in mind that Cavanaugh who certainly is more verse that public speaking. He also read from prepared remarks now as far as the demeanor the presentation, the timbre in her voice, she had that kind of squeaky little girl sound for a while she kind of moved in and out of that which was kind of odd. She also had, you know, vocal fry, which drives me nuts vocal fry is a salad where the talk. You know, the Kardashians are famous for that vertical vocal fry a lot of teenagers in the millennials these days. A lot of women are talking with that younger women with that vocal fry and she had that plus the little girl voice. It was it was odd when she opens her mouth. It was not what I expected. I don't know if that's her normal speaking voice what she coached. I do believe she was Thomas, but as far as reading prepared remarks. I think there are times where you know, what you have written, and that you could come off script and be or come across is a little more. Intimate. Come across is a little more engaged. But again, you know, she says, she's not a pro. So I I will give her the benefit of that doubt. But you raise a lot of questions Thomas, which I think are fair. What do you think about cavenaugh? I think that judicially you look at his history. And it just it doesn't lend itself to these accusations now might have been drunk or drinking a little bit in high school and college were maybe a lot of bit in high school and college, but that doesn't turn you into a rapist is is the bottom line here. It doesn't. Were you impressed with his temperament? I was not impressed with the behavior. I liked. I liked the way he came out swinging in his opening statement by appearing to defend his honor. And the accusations. I thought though Thomas you're correct times during the hearing where temperament I think he was trying a little bit too hard because the war reports also that Trump was not happy that he wasn't forceful enough during his regular questioning during the regular hearings the week prior. They'll reports the President Trump thought that he could have been a little more aggressive and tougher. And and this is according to a an interview on FOX. And I think that maybe Cavanaugh was trying to compensate a little bit for the fact that Trump wanted him to turn up the juice. But it's not just that Thomas. I think also he has been stung he has been hurt. He has been crushed his family's been dragged through the mud. So I think it was a combination of Trump wanted to see him more in a in a protagonist position as well. As I think he's deeply hurt. And I think he was deeply showing emotion. So I think that's some of the temperament issues. I don't think he has the temperament issue. I think that there were a couple of incidents last week on Thursday where it came off. Because I think he was being a little maybe a little hyped up an aggressive just in that particular scenario. One question for you. Judge be nonpartisan. Should he was he started reeling about the Clintons and all this? Would you expect somebody sitting in that position to be nonpartisan? They should be and that's an area. I don't think said I got plenty issues with the Clintons. I'll talk about them all day long. Should he brought up the Clintons probably not? But again, I think he's Alterra qualified for this gig. I he deserves this gig his ratings from the ABA through the roof. And conversely, the ABA is now said that hey, he he needs to the needs to be an FBI investigation. So a lot of folks that have come to his defense have also said, hey, there needs to be this FBI investigation as I pointed out flake might have provided..

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