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In low twenties you downtown twenty two 614 check on headlines with rick worthington we'll democrat doug more is well he is the winner of the alabama special senate election the people of alabama have spoken jones edging more in a close race says anticipated making jones the first democratic senator elected in alabama in 25 years he spoke at a watch party in birmingham end this time and this place you how health ban that mall out our justice and new not only was admitted more not only what is its aim true put you senate right through the heart of the great state of alabama in doing so he gumri ray moore said he'll look at is options and let the election process play out that we've got to do is wait on god and let this process play out this more supporter clinging to hope god has way working things out said who knows hvo may win the election needs to be certified by the secretary of state likely to happen later this month this man supports roy morgan says the laws of a republican voted washington will have a big impact on the country that one vote is critical uh regis loss at one senate vote and now with the not getting their own is going to go on a democrat side there's gonna be a lot of things that we were trying to push for to get through the borders that i think we're going to have a little tougher fight on that now amid sexual misconduct allegations against more the election somo strong voter turnout many albanians were calling for change and that's what bold get with democrat doug jones elected to the us senate in montgomery i'm clayton evil and let's see what's happening today on wall street a fed widely expected to announce another interest rate hike today the third increase this year now anticipation of another rate hike sent bank shares soaring on tuesday because they'll be able to charge higher interest rates on loans that sent the dow and the sp to fresh alltime highs a new study has found that most people.

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