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F. ballers you can subscribe to this show not only on apple podcast, Google pint counts, but you can also subscribe and watch it on YouTube. And if you subscribe and you click the little bell, you'll get notified. If we do a surprise livestream McEwen a Jason is glaring into the camera with given the YouTube, some love peacocking over there. Yeah, he was. He's he's grinning so news and notes, hey, the patriots. They signed Eric decker formerly of the titans to a one year contract. Well, we shall see he's got a chance you. You brought up a good point. I think on yesterday's show Andy when it was, you know, marks Mario to had a very, you mean when I predicted this exactly, right. The day before was that he does was. Was an amazing. It might called Eric decker signing the patriots before we had heard Eric decker is visiting the patriot that would have been, and I would be holy crap. Andy is no students. I didn't say they will sign him. Sure, sure. That's. That's a low risk opportunity you reward clearly, I was trying to. Was the was that you brought up the fact that Marc Mario had a bad year last year they're passing volume was way down. And so were the problems with decker all Deckers fault or perhaps we just didn't. You know, we just see him utilize the right way and maybe he's still got it. To be fair to you. Andy, you're usually the one that I think predicts the end of careers. You often see when the wheels fall off and how do you feel about decker? I have no fantasy interest in Eric decker whatsoever. I talked to Jake seal yesterday on another podcast. I would still if I'm in a league, I would still signed Kenny bread over Eric decker today. There's no part of me that's interested in trying to start Eric decker for two of four weeks without Julian Edelman. So in regards to practical help for the patriots? Sure. I think it helps the patriots in regards to fantasy. You can you can do a, what did I say before three sided coin and decide between Philip Dorset Kenny Britt and Eric decker on who not to want? I mean, I, it's just not practical. They're not gonna ask Eric decker to be the older decker either when he comes in and fills the, you know the depth chart on Eric decker is he's a touchtone monster. This is what Eric decker does. However, he has some competition at that because he has this is the first time the monster is competing with a larger monster on his team in gronkowski, so we'll, we'll see. I'm with you. You're the monster till you're not the monster. Exactly. It was in a small pond, yes. If you're in a dynasty league and decker is on the waiver wire, of course, scoop them up, see what happens. But when it comes to redraft I, at least at this point, have no interest in Eric decker? Yeah, Quincy noon, wall, we heard about an injury to him yesterday. He's gonna be signed light one to two weeks with a thumb injury. Yeah, that's better than than what it could have been a backer misery missing camp though. Trying to come back from the neck injury last year, Brandon Marshall. So ankle hamstring. He's been cleared to participate in team drills that.

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