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Of all her name Amina. All right. Well, anyway, Glenn wise member of the the Gallagher lookalike who proposed on the Emmys. Well, he's taken some heat from EMMY award winners from a Tony award winners because Glenn Weiss is the guy that stole the show. He brought his Gallagher look up there with that stringy long sixty five year old hair that nobody's told him is not a good look and used his acceptance speech to stage a proposal to his girlfriend John's Fens then. What was the name? Again, Jan spins, Dan. Fencing Benson spends stints set a line of TV dinners in Germany, yes. In Sweden and put a sales brace steak under finger. But while the magic moment melted. Millions of hearts around the world. Not mine mine either. Yeah. But we knew we knew seeing that Monday night that that would be what everybody talks about the next day. And sure enough. It's right. And that's how you know empty the show is, but this guy we's at the Tony awards is the first guy to tell everybody. Hey, you gotta keep your your except in speed short. You know, he he gives a speech every year to the at the Tony awards every year the same guy this same guy blend with the smash the watermelons with his Gallagher. Look he's known to lay down the law for the nominees every year. Glenn with his mom's ring gives this pompous speech to all the nominees lecturing them, every one of them, lectures, every one of them saying that the clock starts the second. Your name is called and the going long is unfair to your fellow nominees because it eats time for everyone. Who's category comes later in the evening yet, he took four minutes to propose to his girlfriend. So that's a lot. It's a long time for for a guy who's not an actor. He's not a director. He's a technical guy. And he chewed up four minutes, and he pompous speech to all the, you know, the the Broadway stars that they only get thirty seconds. And yet he takes up four minutes because he's more important than they are. And that's that's the bottom line. And he's not. You know? And it's just it stinks. All the way around. Everyone is calling him a hero. He got engaged on TV. That's not a hero. Tell the two guys that got shot last night and Salazar park what he hero. It takes to get engaged on TV are the firemen that. Yeah. The walk into a building. Right. When it's on fire. Yes. Yeah. Those guy on top of a roof when it's one hundred fifteen degrees, outside and smokes. Blowing up is took is through the whole top of a building. And it's one hundred ninety degrees up there. Two hundred ninety degrees. How how tough it is what a hero. It is to get engaged on national TV. He's not going to buy who called him a hero called himself one. I guess. I wasn't sure if I caught that we we could dump well, let's no hold on one second. Hold on one. Second. Let's see. Now, there are people calling him a hero. There are people saying, you know, it's very roic from to get up there on national TV and proposed probably because it was after his mom's death. It was off. And it's it's not heroic. I could give you a million things. You know, what to roic I come in here every night for four hours. And sometimes I don't feel great. That's you know, what I'd like. And I don't know if we have a belly. I don't know if we have a direct line to Dr Wendy, Walsh's producer. But I'd like to hear her take on his proposing to the longtime girlfriend two weeks after his mother's death. I'd like to hear that from a psycho analysis. Right. Was they were dating for ten years. Yeah. Yeah. It's not as if. Oh, I wish my mom could have met you. Right. He met her. I. Yeah. She I it was it was odd. It was really odd. And and I'm I'm going after. For him to try to prevent any of that crap for the future. I think I could help I didn't mean to yell now you're ever you. Get a pass. Thank you. All right. Carrie Underwood is opening up to Ellen Degeneres about what? Oh, I guess her accident. Hey, can I ask you about the accident? You have because I I really all I know is that you had an accident, and because I don't read magazines and all this stuff. So I really who believes that come on. Well, actually, you know, what I I believe that you believe that Ellen Degeneres doesn't read those tabloids. Yes, she doesn't show that that features a lot of that certain degree. I think I think she is fed articles. You think she sits and reads magazine, you don't think if she's on the cover. She picks it up. Well, she probably is about right. And magazines stops. Yeah. You do. That's that's probably just as true as when Oprah criticized President Obama for something he did or didn't do while also saying she doesn't pay attention to what the president does or doesn't right? Yeah. Instead went on a beautiful. We'll try to find out. All right. We'll come back and find out what really happened to Carrie Underwood from a woman that doesn't read the tabloids so tooth all around. We're live on KFI more a former legitimate Pasadena PD has pleaded guilty do federal charges. He was running guns. Vasken Gordy keen also admitted to making a false statement on an ATF forum. Assistant US attorney Nick Hannah says Gordon was selling guns dealing guns without a license facilitated that crime by exploiting his position as a law enforcement officer to get access to off roster guns, meaning guns that are not available to the general public in California Deakin is expected to get two and a half years in prison. Police in Newport Beach, have a new lead on leads a podcast. I'm Jennifer Mandela, and I'll be hosting this podcast about Peter Chadwick Manziel's the spokeswoman for the police department. She says coming off the success of the Linda stories, Twitter experiment or the summer. She was looking for a creative way to get the word out on Chadwick who's been on the run since two thousand fifteen podcasting. Like, an excellent match for the Chad cases, very narrative and episode. It comes down to capture features an inside look at the case very blessed to have access to investigators who were there.

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