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Goes back to the kevin colbert era. That's the only taught. I'm gonna stop listening to mir by year because still don't have the answer to the question. There was twenty six players. not this doesn't count kindergarten. Twenty six players from two thousand two thousand and twenty draft in the third round by the pittsburgh steelers out of those twenty six players. Eleven of them were inactive for their first game. Also out of those players. Eleven of them did start some time as a rookie. But that meant that fifteen of them did not so. This is what you're getting. In year one from third round picks so kendra green comes in starter the whole time. Wow that's crazy well. So what's the answer dave. When did it happen well. Here's some people that we could mention that maybe how about nineteen seventy eight when the feelers third round pick was punter craig colquitt. He played in every game with the pattern every game. But technically punters aren't starters you could say that's the answer but my goodness if you take hundred in the third round he better be your partner. How about nineteen seventy two tight end. John mc mac. Big mac. And i don't know if it's mcenery making you know how i put your names. He started in week two and then started every week after that he. He started thirteen of fourteen games as a rookie. Did not start week. One but then was the starter from that point on crazy even in nineteen seventy third round. pick cornerback. Mel blunt hall of famer did not start until week five. If you wanna go back to find a steelers third round draft pick. That started every game a rookie. You're going back to nineteen fifty three linebacker. Marv matuzek say that right. That's m. u. s. z. Ak he started. Twelve of twelve games for the steelers. He was selected to the pro bowl as a rookie as a third round. Pick yet an interception that year two fumble recoveries and was a pro bowler in nineteen fifty. Three that's what you have to go. Here's the one thing that i have to tell you. It's really crazy about this. So that's where you have to go to find the last steelers third round picked. It started every game of their rookie here or that even started the week one and kept starting from that point on. That's where you gotta go back in one thousand nine hundred eighty three as the steelers third round pick marv to screw it up again but matuzek still think that's right. he was the twenty ninth overall. Pick in the nfl draft. That's how few brown players there were per round. He was the twenty nine th overall pick and he was a third round selection. That's where you have to go back. In order to find a pittsburgh steeler that was taking in the third round and started. That's crazy. I just wanted to know a quick answer for an article. And that's where it took me. So that's what we're doing. That's what it is. It doesn't mean that there weren't fourth round or fifth round picks. Started right away. I was looking just in the third row and that was the answer kind of blew my mind so of kendrick green could come in and win this job in start week one and stay as the starter. It'll be the first time for the pittsburgh steelers since nineteen fifty three. Wow all right. we're going to go out and take a break that for sexual went long. We're gonna take a break. We're gonna come back. I've got to use your question we're going to do. We're going to talk about that. Whole pittsburgh steelers ha having the heart schedule the nfl. So we're going to see that that's really going to do for them this year and.

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