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I take it away right in your mind it Polly Monday Day football. Not Monday night football. Did it even happen at all. I couldn't find the game Monday Day football saw the Pittsburgh Steelers put their unbeaten mark on the line, and Alex Smith said, Why don't you give me that? I'll take that. Washington football team 23 Pittsburgh Steelers, formerly 11 and No. Now 11 and 1 17, by the way, Steelers blew a 14 point lead at home from the second time in their franchise history at home. Very nice. God bless you. If you could find the game, I couldn't find it. Alex Smith played with a bloody sock. His leg got gassed. It was not his injured leg. And by the way, here's what it sounded like Washington its first tenant, 15 snap to spit bringing five throws. The Logan Thomas wide Open. Touchdown. Logan Washington Smith steps back throws down the right sideline camp. If what handed catch gets up and cast, there's a couple more yards down to the Pittsburgh 23 water play by Sens. Washington leads 20 to 17 brought this burger. Picked up in here and intercepted intercepted by Jon Bostic in the 25. Washington takes over with a three point lead. Walt this burger throws down the middle of the field finds Eric Ebron, who makes the catch, but he's inbounds on the sideline, and the clock is running in Pittsburgh is gonna try to run up to the line of scrimmage what they have run out of time and Washington. Has knocked off the last unbeaten in the NFL 23 to 17 to stay tied with the Giants for first place in the NFC East. You know, inspired of some of the decisions I made today. You know they played.

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