WTI, Marcus, North Korea discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


And fifty three cents that's where wti is trading at the moment let's say bloomberg radio business flash enough war on what's going on around the world his lexus sandra killed good morning marcus the trump administration says north korea will get nee concessions ahead of any potential talks cia director mike pompeo has ruled out any relaxation in the sanctions against pyongyang and says kim young must stand by his offer to who nuclear missile test before any meetings a helicopter crashed into new york city east river last night killing all five passengers police say a six person the pilot freed himself and was rescued by a passing tugboat the helicopter was being chartered for a photo shoot when it went down near gracie mansion the mayor all of her residence and the russian military has released a video said to shed successful test of hypersonic missile that can fly up to ten times the speed of sound president putin has described a nuclear capable kim's all as an ideal weapon and said it's too fast to be intercepted by any current ed offence system the rockets one of a range of newgeneration weapons that putin revealed in his speech earlier this month global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries i'm sandra kilholf this is bloomberg marcus by so much sandro let's get some more details now then all no one of our the corporate stories this morning he on has a great greet to acquire energy from its rival all w e transforming germany's energy sector as the industry shifts towards renewables the complex deal values energy at.

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