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Agent returns for a third installment charged with the attempted murder of the president of the United States Gerard Butler in Morgan Freeman a headline angel has fallen and that's your August box office preview I'm K. M. J.'s bad I'll stop at the movies solar the right way check them out at Arcadia energy dot green it's still early but the race for Fresno mayor is heating up as a prominent candidate calls it quits Kim jae's political reporter click to live he explains Fresno district five city councilman Louise Chavez was an early entrant to the mayor's race announcing his candidacy the day mayor Lee brand said he wouldn't seek another term Thursday Chavez ended his campaign I had a conversation with with my family with kids and and and you know it it and I think for me you know we've got a lot of work to do in southeast was not Chavez has a term and a half left to serve on the city council before term limits kick in in the meantime he says he has plenty of work to do on the council I'm not endorsing anyone at this time of more than happy to meet with the with the candidates and you know here with their vision for Fresno is police chief Jerry dire former congressional candidate Andrew Jan's and non profit executive Elliott balls remain in the race Clint Olivier K. M. J. news on Wall Street stock prices falling significantly today Steve cast about reports the cost appear to be president trump tweeting about trade with China and the threat of additional tariffs the president was tweeting about the trade war with China complaining that China's leaders had lived up to their promises then he said the US would impose a ten percent tariff on an additional three hundred billion dollars worth of goods in September within a matter of minutes the Dow Jones industrial average went from being roughly three hundred points in the black to almost two hundred points in negative territory Alan here's have ninety six hours to complete the extreme makeover house in Clovis builders installing the electrical system windows H. back plumbing and wall insulation am J. cumulus media have exclusive radio coverage of the big reveal we've been following the progress the young properties president Ryan do young what's exciting.

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