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Need yeah in right to try to get him a burger features juicy burger to Barbour's probably ranks of projection use and bacon Hey and they will yeah really Rogers restaurants more burgers gord ash is available at participating restaurants thank god for you anyways let me read this real quick I'll get to the point I could give a general attack up this is called home Okolona bars usually twenty nineteen gold nineteen MM guns from Susie artificial say that social okay our system is only as our founders of the critical infrastructure within me check out the words out our critical infrastructure got the bug the critical that shows workers dignity continue walk followed particular exposure to gold in nineteen oh five did they remain asymptomatic and I just hope for colleges are implemented to protect them from the village you've got to keep working it's almost March fifteenth twenty nineteen gold nineteen the respiratory illness caused by a virus called charge Kobe to resolve the two thousand five central Dauphin favorite cultural express during okay some people could become an ice storm and it will almost filled with people okay all right so worse circle workers they all what they call critical infrastructure there's supposed to be working they're not supposed to tell anybody I have another paper well what do you mean they're not supposed to tell anybody I mean I don't think you know if if they're working and they're spreading over nineteen and you have a whole group of people who all of a sudden get covert nineteen somebody's not telling a story about the entire business they don't care if one can tell you they don't care a lot whose businesses are forcing people to work while I have covered nineteen I think Jay is several companies using some of the subjects you know well I am sure but I I was trying to tell you is that you know it could easily be determined if people are working over nineteen amongst other workers what's that I remember you did a show about food shortages right right well most so it has to do with food plants and you know people work and stuff oh sure but I'm sure there are plenty of workers that are being told that I can't take time off yeah but you know that's the thing is if you're sick you're not going to be able to work if you're that sick with overlapping you not gonna be able to work and they don't provide late late you can call it what you take certain cold on your dammit Jim sheets right now the plant they're just giving you examples may be British post all weekend you may be upset that I had to get done they're my results thank you one date added notes nasal swab that takes three to four days to get back so do you have covered nineteen thank you know they tested negative both data bundle as well have you been forced to work around he would cover nineteen yes I how do you how do you know how do you know they have covered nineteen.

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