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Are saying at InterSystems dot com slash analyst Jack Taylor WTOP try offic Lauren records we've been getting some pretty good son this morning yeah we're going to continue to have some sunshine through the remainder of the day I think we'll have a few clouds at times but really not all that bad no rain today temperatures low to mid sixties little bit of a breeze picking up now that's gonna be with us throughout the day about ten to twenty miles an hour not when some down tonight clear skies not quite as cold temperatures in the forties and then we are on the up and up temperature swing starting today because tomorrow will be in the upper sixties with plenty of sun and light winds by Thursday temperatures around seventy to close on Thursday may be a passing shower in the morning mainly west of DC but again we could have a I shower too but will be at seventy degrees on Thursday something about a week playing too much we get into Friday Saturday and Sunday some people may complain because it's going to be a little humid and it's gonna be hot temperatures are gonna be in the low to mid eighties on Friday Saturday and Sunday frontal system near the area I could bring a few showers and thunderstorms but it's not to be raining all day each of those days after the weekend that's good news forty eight right now in Washington and that was up to forty seven Warrington at fifty Winchester forty three one forty seven right now in friendship heights brought to you by Len the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week nine twenty two let's get the newest developments in the corona virus pandemic now Dr Anthony Fauci a key member of the White House coronavirus task forces set to fat testify via video conference today at a Senate.

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