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Patrick reid collects himself he has this par pot to win the masters thanks one more look down the line ball on its way and it's in patrick reid with a party a big hug with his caddy he holds off all challengers doffs his cap to the patrons rory mcilroy walks over to congratulate him and patrick reed has won the eighty second masters going out and playing on such great great green grass and have noticed beautiful flowers is areas around as seems fitting to go out and play play a steady round and just didn't get really to hire to was definitely hard and i thought it was going to be this is after hours with amy lawrence he's all challenges and ended up with is first green jacket his sixth pga tour victory but this one's career altering life changing career altering rickie fowler finishes runnerup for a third time in a major he birdied eighteen and the place went career as you could definitely tell that it was a lukewarm response to patrick read on the eighteenth partly because there's a history at augusta i should say in augusta there's as street in georgia there's a history in that state where he played golf both at uga and then at augusta state and so you know go fans are intelligent project and that's certainly home those dot homeadvisor that are local dot com and men who patron if you're like me you appreciate the the feeling the of a clean actual tournament smooth many shave of them from a quality they blade understand patrick the sort read of shave as much that as i cuts guess you clean can we without oliver the demons burn we all have so why skeletons are you messing around in the closet with generic razors no one's that cost life thirty is simple two bucks everybody's for an eight got pack their.

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