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So i was more into the seventies chicks. Let's talk about who right farah fawcett on the six million dollar man. Obviously charlie's angels janet from three's company already mentioned her. You know what angel i liked. Bill was scarecrow and mrs king. Which one was that. Which angel became scarecrow mrs king. I never watched that show Which of the angel. She was the short brunette hair. Short haired brunette angel. I'll do kate jackson kate jackson. You're on the rookies. When was mike danko 's wife. She was a nurse he was a cop was fucking gorgeous. I always thought she was the best looking to be honest with you. She's hot. She's was never indicate jackson's or janice. I was always blonde and then i married. We got you kind of described it to a t. That bird about five minutes now. I went through the blonde phase. But i always like brunettes better. I like brunettes better. Were you attracted to any black chicks. Bill like on television while there weren't any i like janet jackson when she was on ghana. Different strokes wasn't young awards. Janet jackson was only good time. Good time she's just a little kid but when she was willis's Girlfriend i think she's a couple years older than me. So fucking make me out to be a creep. Here you know who was The older sister on good times. But i liked everybody for marcia brady to janet jackson. Yeah i like it all during that super bowl fiasco. I read this. The janet jackson lost everything. But it was justin timberlake. That did he didn't get in any trouble mean by. She lost everything she out the staple center anymore. You would they would. No one will put her on tour. No entrusted her and she lost record deal. Scott pulled off all radio stations. Rather deal right. If i'm not mistaken. I just read this thing. Jesse jackson was. They were saying you know. Jesse jackson has forgiven justin but that she was the one that lost everything. They pulled her off. All terrestrial radio maybe. Maybe i'm not saying. Let me ask you this because that was clearly plant. andrew andrew. find something about that. That was clearly planet. it came off like perfectly. So here's my question. Let's say the stunt went the other way right and she grabbed a part of justice wardrobe in one of his balls came dangling out during the super bowl does justin as a privileged white male. Does he lose his. He loses his tour. Well that's the thing. There's all this press right now. About timberlake lost nothing but britney spears lost there and it's like britney spears didn't lose anything. They're talking about like when they broke up. And they're sending like britney spears lost everything britney spears's at a hard time because her dad put her into terrible legal situations. It's got nothing to do with justin. Timberlake know what they're what they're criticizing justin timberlake all. And and here's the thing. Is i figure that as a comic. I'm i'm sure made jokes about brittany. But so i'm just as bad as everyone but what. They're criticizing him and is that he'd go in and do radio shows and they'd be like did you hit that shit. Did you hit it. And he's like yeah you know i hit it. She's not a virgin in so thick in that in that end daybreak up and i'm sure it wasn't. It's not that happened. After 'cause he made a video like she cheated on him. And i think he was like a jilted lover probably said some shit i think i and i'm not sure i don't know who broke up with. Who or any of that shit. But he did. When the break-up happened. I think his marketing team was like. Let's spin this this way because remember. Justin timberlake was not famous famous but he was not who he is today. They needed to make him into a into a star and so crimea river. And i'll fucking by that. Dude i gotta tell you what's somebody you don't make somebody be as talented as that guy. Maybe got with like the writer but there were twelve other boy band guys just like just like you know. It's weird burt. it's weird. it's almost like all the women that wildly supported justin timberlake and made him. Famous are to blame for not supporting janet britney. But it's his fault. You buy into that shit. I always okay. It's the fans that make the i. i don't feel like i made. Acdc famous. I feel like acdc made music. I couldn't ignore me and all of my friends it's like i'm not gonna take what they did. No i agree with you on that. When i'm when i'm just making a joke about like the wave this is being portrayed right now and i do think there's some validity to him doing some fucked up shit but my point is just. They're talking as if toxic white males are the fan base of justin timberlake. And it's no women are the fan of justin. That's his fan base. Women were packing the arena c. Justin timberlake not dudes so curiosity. Why are they talking about this. Now there's no idea. It was a documentary about britney spears that just came out about her conservatorship and about just how bad she had it and what a bad she had it and the marketing of her what you say she had a conservative ship. Conservatory conservative. Yes some legal. What does that. What is that burst. What you do you is what the court does to a crazy person is say you have a lot of money. But we can't trust you to spend it. You're gonna you're gonna buy fucking rabbits and gazelles and giraffes and you're not gonna do it wisely so we're going to give someone we're gonna put two people in charge like a group people in charge of your money and they will tell you what you can spend what you can also do because you don't have access to your funds so you can't just go to hawaii and get a private jet. You've got to run it by her. Dad an banker. I it really is kind of fucked up. That's why you don't get shit faced. Shave your head in front of the paparazzi. That's not act like this just fell out of the sky here people well. It's even that even that is up for debate when they talk about that. Because i like who. Who made her crazy on out. I'm out i'm out. I swear to god they are going to go back into history and anything that a woman did. They're gonna make a guy's fault every fucking thing it's like there's just no is it's like is it ever. Hey i got a little caught up in my own fame. Hey maybe. I was drinking too much. Hey maybe i surrounded myself with the wrong people. It's just like come on man. What graduate. Janet jackson lost so also agree to have her teddy. Come out on the fucking super bowl. I mean you got. That's that's the part. I don't understand network television. It's like they're both guilty but now it's becoming a also to nobody's cursing janet. Nobody's going will janet against your career just kept cruising as your brother michael's crumbled in. It's like i don't understand what the connection between the comparison. Joe because this is like an incident that happened and one person there was nothing that happened to them and the other like i mean. What did she lose. I'm just. I'm just i just don't get why justin teddy out on nbc. Okay people know this. But then i think it was one of those things. Let's do some shocking. It'll help both our ticket. Sales in a blew up in their face and it was almost like he was the getaway driver and she went into. Rub the fuck. It took off in the car. What did she use. As far as we're a hersal go. That was never done him ripping that off so that story sticks that she didn't know that it was going to happen unless they talked about it but It says that the grammy's were the following week about both timberlake and jackson were scheduled to present and perform at but jackson was outright banned from the event despite previous assurances from the academy. The both would attend saying there's such a big difference to putting a stage on astroturf Than an appearance at the grammy timberlake on the other hand attended and was allowed to perform clear channel communications which owned infinity broadcasting and viacom mtv and cbs blacklisted. All of jackson's singles music videos Banning her from all the tv channels radio stations. The company owned that the company owns stifling airplay in making her new album davita joe her lowest selling album since nineteen eighty four..

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