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I mean, I assume that it is true, but. Yeah. I mean, it's not because they've done such a bang up job of developing homegrown pitching. I get that for a while they were locked into some long-term deals that didn't work out so well on their end. But come on, like you're perennial problem is pitching. Try citing some marquee pitchers instead of squandering the primes of trout and Otani. So one of your deals for cinder garden Lorenzo are all well and good and they make you better. But this one year strategy is not working so well. And they really need some certainty. And moving Michael rensen to the rotation and depending on Noah's cinder guard post Tommy John surgery doesn't give you a certainty. So unless they sign Strowman or they've been linked to Luis Castillo, maybe they trade for him or someone else, but I don't think they should be done, especially with how busy the ALS has been, and the Mariners getting better and even the rangers, getting better, like the Intel's window is kind of closing here in the two distant future potentially. And so wild to say. Just go for it. I mean, they have missed out on much of the starting pitching available on kind of a long-term high level. But if they want to bring some confidence into this rotation, entering 2022. And Alex Cobb, who was actually pretty good for them this year has signed with San Francisco now. So they have some host to fill and yeah, they do have some promising younger starters. But still, as someone who will probably be watching a lot of angels baseball again in 2022, whether or not they do anything. I would think that angels fans would not be happy unless they emerge from the south season with someone else. It's a start, but I don't know that that quite does it. Maybe they'll sign Carlos Correa. Could be. Someone has to sign Chris Cray, where will he go? Because with seeker semi and bias off the board, carls graha is the lone big ticket shortstop still standing here and some of the potential destinations have dwindled. I mean, it's pretty sure the rangers are off the board here unless they want to third baseman now. But I think Detroit in theory could still sound Carl's career. But probably won't they had been linked to him. So I guess the obvious landing spot would be the Yankees, a lot of pressure on the Yankees to make that move. On the other hand, the Yankees are like LinkedIn trade rumors to Isaiah kinner Felipe. So you never know what the Yankees will do now, whether they will just bring in X rangers infielders, I guess that's their thing now. So wouldn't be surprised if he ends up there, but there are other places where he might make sense. I mean, St. Louis, sure, they could use him to replace Paul de young, but will the cardinal sign Carl's career? I kinda doubt it so there aren't as many places as many obvious likely landing spots left. I mean, he will obviously end up somewhere in he will make him in as he should, but really, I know there's been some consternation about how he would fit in the Clubhouse with the Yankees or the Dodgers, for instance, those teams have had their grievances with the science dealing Astros and career specifically. I tend to think that often those differences get resolved, you know, once he's one of your guys instead of one of their guys, then you realize, oh, he's a human and I kind of like talking to him and suddenly I am rooting for him instead of against him. And you know, maybe he addresses the team in spring training or something and then those differences get smoothed over. But there are a lot of ice on cars Korea, wondering where he will end up now. Yeah, because let's go in reverse order from the bottom of our depth chart projections to the top. So the rockies need a short stop. Yes. Are apparently interested in Trevor's story. What are the rockies doing? What are the wraps? Doing. Superframe. I mean, I know it's like John Heyman is tweeting incessantly for some reason about how the rockies are going to contend and they have a lot of good players or something. I don't know. I just no one ever knows what they're doing, but like John gray, not getting a qualifying offer was very weird. Obviously, a mistake, at least, you know, if you want draft pick compensation, and now is even more obviously a mistake after the deal that he signed with the rangers. And now there's like noise about no the rockies are like going for it, which like, hey, okay. I mean, I like to see teams try, but the rockies try so ineptly that they might be better off not trying right now. I mean, they'd be better off like just cleaning house seemingly given the way that they operate. I know they have a new GM now, but it's someone promoted from within as is their way. So no one knows what the rockies are doing. Can you imagine a Trevor story reunion with the rocks? Seems hard to imagine. It seems so sorry didn't really seem like someone who was interested in returning to the rockies. Seems hard to imagine. So cross the rockies off. Nationals seem unlikely to sign Carlos Correa, because if they wanted to have a, you know, MVP caliber shortstop, they want to just hold on to trade runner. Yeah. Mariners, Mariners seem like they like Crawford, right? Yeah. They do, they do like Crawford, and I think that like in Crawford is fine..

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