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10 wi former state covert 19 data analysts Rebecca Jones saying is she is going to turn herself into police, Rebecca Jones said on her Twitter feed that F D. L e agents have an arrest warrant based on documents found on her computer. She insists they found no evidence that she said a message to Florida Department of Health Employees on the state emergency Channel Which was the original reason they went to her Tallahassee house and seized it, she insists the state is trying to silence her for storing an independent covert 19 database that often questions official numbers. I'm Gordon Byrd travelers with a new option for receiving a quick and convenient test for covert 19 as Advent health as open to covert 19 testing site inside a terminal at Orlando International Airport, and there's a new survey out there showing how people really feel about the vaccine, the University of South Florida. Survey finds. Most are using TV news friends and family and social media to learn about the vaccine. Associate professor Stephen Neely says people may not be asking their doctor because it's probably not an option yet if you're under 65 for a lot of folks, the vaccine isn't available, so they haven't bothered having that conversation about 59% of people surveyed say they'll definitely or probably get the vaccine, but 29% are confident that it's effective and one in three yard. Sure it's safe. I'm Gordon Byrd and tonight's football NFC divisional matchup. Could be the final meeting between two, huh? Of Fame bound quarterback. Still Stern with more when the New Orleans Saints face the Tampa Bay Bucks tonight, the NFC divisional game at the Superdome. It could be the last head to head meeting between Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Brady's 43 breeze 40 to their combined Asia's will be the highest in NFL history. Brady, who became the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl two seasons ago, It'll be Brady's 43rd playoff start in the 18 for breeze. That game starts at 6 30 tonight. And with Florida's news I'm June night start 2021 a.

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