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At this time southbound eight eighty at eight st still dealing with this accident they have everything over to the shoulder traffic's still slow over to the right side of the road i'm also seeing a slowdown this morning check in with the chp northbound two eighty at one there's a large unknown object in two middle lanes it's causing swerving so just please keep an eye out and if you're taking bart this morning good news there everything is checking in problem free good morning show continues now with brian sussman okay california trains california trains are late fifteen percent of the time because of homeless camping on the side of the tracks it's interesting we had this discussion little inside baseball so this summer i'm going to be traveling to switzerland because my youngest son is marrying this this beautiful girl from switzerland and that's where they're going to be residing after marriage so we're all going over there tons tons of people headed over to switzerland for this wedding and we were talking last night with a dear friend who's actually from switzerland but of course has lived in this country you know i mean he's families from switzerland so he knows knows the country very wells speaks german speak swiss german has family there he's been there many times but we were talking about the trains because my son made the statement my son said you know if if a train you're standing at the train station for the trains admitted off like people people start looking at their watches they start getting fidgety he said if a train is like three minutes late that means there's been a crash or something it's something cataclysmic has taken place.

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