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Looking? Note his driver's door. In what position was the driver's door? The door we could use the body profile the profile of the defendant of that time. Es Wake could you describe for during what position he was in? It was like he was facing out the door. Could you see what he was doing with his hands knowing I didn't see his hands. Could you see whether or not he was crouched down at all knowing not. She left the chips and wine at the register when she got outside done yelled at her to get back in the car but she said she froze done asked her again and she walked over to the car just in time to see him putting the gun back into the glove compartment. As soon as she was inside. The Car Ronda said done reversed and drove out of the gas stations main exit. He was driving quickly. She said and they went straight back to the hotel without calling nine one one when they got back to the hotel. Rhonda changed her clothes and done took the puppy outside to go to the bathroom. Ronda said she went to sit by the elevators. There was a little lounge area as she figured. The police would be there soon. She was waiting for them. When done returned from walking the dog they sat together in the lounge for a little while they eventually returned to the hotel room and ordered a pizza because Rhonda's stomach didn't feel well and done thought she should eat something he made them both strong rum and cokes to have with their dinner they went to bed and Ronda said she woke up around seven. Am when she awoke done was in the bathroom? The television was on. She saw on the news that a teenager had been killed at the gate gas station that night and her stomach turned. She told done she wanted to go home. She said she thought she was going to be arrested. Two and wanted to get their puppy taken care of before the police came Rhonda and done were supposed to go to Saint Augustine a historic city. Not far from Jacksonville that night with done son but they canceled the trip and instead when straight home they left their hotel by eight. Am without eating breakfast or getting a cup of coffee. Done drove them the two and a half hours. It took to get home and they arrived in satellite beach by ten thirty back in Satellite Beach. Rhonda got a phone call from a Jacksonville number. She handed the phone to done because she thought it might be his son. Instead it was a homicide detective Rhonda was also a key witness for the defense. She knew Meikeljohn it better than anyone during cross examination. Corey stroller was relatively gentle with her. He asked if she had been upset by what had happened. Ronda said she was very upset and very shocked about the shooting. He asked if when they returned home she and done had made an effort to hide the block. Volkswagen Jetta there was undeniably linked to the shooting. She said Dome done had parked car next to the hotel entrance while they were there and then he parked the car in front of their home when they returned. Sterler was curious about duns tone at the gate gas station when he said I hate that thug music. Rhonda's said he hadn't acted angry or had the dashboard and he certainly hadn't threatened anyone in her presence. During the prosecution questioning of Rhonda Prosecutor Erin Wolfson had asked about how much alcohol Rhonda and done had consumed at the wedding. Sterling's questions sought to contextualized. How many drinks they had do you and Mr Dunn Have Alcoholic Beverages? When you go to dinner he asked yes. Ronn decide they also drink at home? And when they are at friends homes. She told him she reiterated for Stroller. That done did not seem impaired from the alcohol at all at the time of the shooting stroke also pressed Rhonda on the details of the evening. After the shooting he had run to clarify done had ordered a pizza and why they watched a movie. Ronda said they did both things to help settle her stomach and get her to relax. Stroller also asked Rhonda about whether they were rushing to flee Jacksonville the morning after the shooting or if they were trying to get organized before dealing with the police. Rhonda's said they left to get themselves and their dogs settled before they inevitably questioned by the police. The prosecution's final witnesses included the medical examiner. Who DID JORDAN DAVIS AUTOPSY? Following the shooting Stacy's Simon's a forensic pathologist and the county medical examiner said that Jordan's body was brought to them hours. After he died he had no drugs or alcohol in his system. According to a toxicology report she said and he was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Simon's testified that Jordan had likely been killed while seated given the nature of his injuries. And the information she received from law enforcement about the bullet holes in the Durango. This testimony conflicted with defense's assertion that Jordan had been standing up and pointing a shotgun at done before he was killed. Simon's also said that Jordan was five feet eleven inches tall and weighed a hundred and forty five pounds with clothes shoes and while wrapped in the sheet used by the medical examiner to transport bodies. She said she believed he. Likely way less than one hundred and forty five pounds at the time of his death. This piece of evidence was interesting. In light of the fact that done was six feet four inches tall. And we'd more than two hundred pounds by those standards. Prosecutors argued done shouldn't have been afraid of a teenage boy who was significantly smaller than he was. The prosecution rested their case on day. Three after Simmons's testimony.

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