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The other day of. The the impression. So a wh- what they do in that scenario. I think the world explodes, I don't know. I think they had this show adopt getting your thing is never. It's like, oh, bizarro idol. Is this getting to? I don't know. I don't think it's ever gonna happen. I mean, if you make the idols so much that they look handmade where the contestants can then well photocopy them. So if we had Dr Mike, Lauren Rimmer like shell with a frigging string, right, right. It's like who's to say, like, maybe we need to go back to bar code island where we need. We need the real survivor. Typically, we'd like a little hologram on there to show. Okay. This is an authentic, like a base sports memorabilia. Anybody has like a baseball. Oh, this was signed by John rocker. This baseball like, oh, really? Well, where's the hologram? If Shera me where to go to bark? I sorry, if Alex were to go to barcode island and take his voting parchment, and it read germy. Yes. Would that would that would that pan out? Would he confirm or deny there? We don't know. It seemed like he was nine votes to one. He put down Jeremy, the guys Barco, it confirmed it on that note, Matthew m. sent us a tweet with the tribe swap coming up with uneven tribes or one person left out. Will they go to kiosk island? What's your prediction slash twist advantage for the potential left out person. Okay. So the swap is coming up, right? Do you think that they are going to do to tribes and then somebody is going to be going to barcode islands? They could be better. Take that germy vote still upset about that, but went through what I'm talking about. Alexander up is vote and it said germy not Jeremy. Germy how you spell that. J. e. r. m. e. y. okay. Well, I mean, Alec is probably not Alec it. Why would you say Alison, Alex? Okay. So am I. Alex. Oh, we'll take both names the Barco. We'll figure that out. We'll figure it out. So do you think that we will send somebody to some sort of bar code island ghost, island, redemption island rep, Sean exile island to a boat with Cochran, right? Yeah, I don't know. I see. This is this is a no question. I can't think that far in advance. Yeah. What do you think they're going to split it evenly and have some loan? This thing that's free agent didn't kicking around in my mind is. They hear about kickers. Yes, thanks maybe is is being not going to be okay, and then we'll we well, we have an even number by the time we get to the tribe swamp. You mean by Bubba Bubba, it's taking it takes you one to maybe depends on how bad the grade of a sprain is one, three to four weeks of doing nothing for an MC l. sprain a really kind of. I am a, you know, well, versed in MC l. injuries problems. No, but I am a course. You didn't devante Freeman fans. I've, I've seen it all owning and keeping devante Freeman has aged me three years. So the second you saw that happen, you saw devante you saw you saw be and you'd heart saying, yes, yes. So I also own Leonard fournette. So it's a thing. All right. Let's talk about this voicemail..

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