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With Brian and Makayla. Rollie. Chances are this has happened to you. You're driving in the rain, and then Oh, you meant to get those wipers replaced. But it was just another one of those things that you let go. And then it was too late. Planning for retirement is a lot like those wipers. If you don't plan ahead well, this happens. Well. Brian Rally has been helping people plan ahead for retirement for over three decades. The team rally wealth solutions can help you head off any of those surprises that might pop up like taxes on your social Security. Check Sky high Medicare premiums income that doesn't keep up with inflation. And, of course, losing money in a market downturn. Set up your complimentary consultation at Murali Wealth Solutions, calm And make sure your retirement works like this And not like this. Hi. Bryan Rawley, Another one from Remember the Titans. You are correct Movie trivia. Yeah, Robbie's retirement coach. Number music this weekend. Can you tell me the name of the band Holly's Oh, the holidays so cool woman in a black dress, Although it's from the movie I know it was from Remember the Titans. I recognize that it's got that good. It's got that good. Guitar rift in it. I got it just holds five. Yeah, thanks for checking out. Robbie's retirement goes with Brian Makayla, Rollie 9198521215 again. 91 95 to 1 to 15 if you have that 750,000 more saved up for retirement. We got a couple of slots left. Get a complimentary second opinion. Normally, that would cost $995. But this weekend get that complimentary second opinion. We've got to give us a call now. 9198521215, or if.

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