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Owner tax when he gets aged two. In The United Kingdom. So over to. London. It is distributed. The whales. So we get the money back. You know as a settlement of this is your money. You can spend it any way what? Make sense because he doesn't get complicated with. Status. So in America I, take taxation, his estate taxes you on the federal government classes you and they do it separately. I believe on. Everybody taxes. But they need to do it one go to they. They do it all separately on I. Bet you they give it on a different day of the week is. Juneau when I mean or different days among. And? In. The UK it's always want. So if you get taxed on Y'all earns you know it's taken. A national insurance contribution is taken from your earnings from your taxation. You have to pay it There's no way of getting around national issue. Every person in the United base actually insurance even use the house. Lewis. Even if you don't use the benefits. Everyone has to pay for you know. It's I love it because it's a bit like saying, you know even had got millions and millions in my factor. I'm going to help someone who hasn't millions and millions, and you never know I may go back up the May Need A. May need the help. But National Insurance itself I'm reading this the website because if some time since I've actually, no. It's a fundamental called on the welfare state. The welfare state is benefits out. You know they should be any. Any. Cost. The WHO wealth fasting system was broke up after World War Two by Labor government. Labor lot by your democratic off the and conservatives are like y'all Republican poppy. What's quite funny because in the UK, Republican is. Normally the neighbor pocket, they believe in removing the problem and conservative. Ones who believe in the status quo. Tiny differs from that time to read it. To me it's quite funny is the. League has been. The removal of the crime meet Smelt something that's flights writes. well, it's become light spreading with is independence always. So Wales becoming its own independent. Now. My own personal view. Is. Would way of actually would you need to think of it as the bigger picture? Would we able to if we went independent? And any. Still, thoughts you free at the point bench. Mark there if y'all. Seventy five years old need respirate. You can get that help because. Those nurses and doctors would give you as much attention as you need. Yes, they are in the right. I mean be. Rushed off their feet because there is. A nisus doctor shortage that's come around OBI. Because of. Its most doctors, nurses faces like Australia or New Zealand actually that he doctors Alvin this is a bit more than we do. But that's why the European Union and the free movement of the free work in rights all amid because basically, you know it out does we have Spain. Spain France Italy. Who came in wanted to work in rhs. I believe the dress is like BASF. Out Pets. Around the will you know everyone wants a? It but. It used as a political. Between of the political office I, believe that there are things in life that shouldn't be used as a predictable. So military funding while funding these things should be ring sites. So the only way the open you can do is increase the budget you can't decrease the budget. We shouldn't be allowed us. Come election time. So we are putting what was it we've been putting. Ever into the US. Now. If that was true a couple of years ago in the United King. While in England. Sorry you. So all junior doctors do something they've never done in history since the any was found not was go walk straight. So you know. If they really were looking off to the S. And I believe I mentioned. You know it doesn't discriminate against you. So even you I'll. Be Very bad about publicizing the gesture nor would I mean they will discriminate Joel treat you get back at your defeats at you Say Walking up the. votes. And a couple of years ago. Make Sense. What makes me of again address my uncle died in a hospital. and. A couple of weeks and you turn around and just also the machines go. I'd not that the nurses. Group of fullness from you know who went on the board and they weren't is it just lost Beijing you know they really do care these nurses. Gentleman I mean it's Yeah. There's a client big difference big difference big difference in American UK that that. Yeah. Interesting in all of that. I knew this because like I said, I have family in states. On auntie husband. So she met him. Now, she met him when he was serving in the US apples and he was stationed in the UK. in the sixties. So he they met they got married she moved to the states and so. Healthcare covered is a Va...

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