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We are winning the ideological battle while winning the support of so many young people and working people throughout the country. I have concluded that this battle for the Democratic nomination will not be successful and so today. I'm announcing the suspension of my campaign. And with that we're onto the main event biden versus trump and with the nomination settled the speculation continues to grow over who Joe Biden should and will pick as his running mate. The names on the top of the list haven't changed Kamala Harris Name Me Club. Hr obvious possibilities. But in the last few days Gretchen. Whitmer has moved up the list. Fueled in part by Joe Biden Biden. Started it by telling Brian Williams on MSNBC? That wouldn't have been on his radar for months then. The vice president launched his own. Podcast just what we need is competition the podcasts world from Joe Biden But he's got that podcast going now. He wanted to campaign from his basement with social. Distancing is one of the things. He could do his first guest on the podcast. Who is not a part of his campaign? Was Governor Gretchen. Whitmer that was followed by Biden campaign. Email blast in which the vice president call supporters. What he's been really his he and his wife continue to quarantine themselves at home. The first article that you mentioned he was reading something written in the Atlantic magazine by Gretchen. Whitmer any fuel to the fire. There is a lengthy profile of whitmer this week in politico with the headline the woman in Michigan goes national in the profile. Whitmer is praised by if you can believe it. The Republican Speaker of the Michigan House Lee Chatfield. Who says of her. She resembles an older style of politics. She wants to get things done without tearing people apart. She's the only Democrat. I've seen placate the business. Lobby and the environmentalists seriously. Nobody else can do it now. No chatfield just trying to get rid of her or if he's being sincere But the buzz has been something. I still don't think that she's the one because her resume compared with the two senators especially isn't quite as thick and you're getting Joe Biden was elected vice president running against the person who was a score. She did because she wasn't ready for the main stage. You know that woman from Alaska Sarah Palin and I know Gretchen. Whitmer knows Sarah Palin but still in terms of resume. It is not that much deeper than serpents. I think he needs somebody with more national gravitas more national prisons. A I think so as well I I like to see people who are more vetted I think than the governor although you know like her. Her profile is rising nationally. So people are getting to know her and and they're forming opinions on her. But I have two reasons why I really don't want Governor Whitman to be the VP pick. One is because she has to stay here. We just we already have not just the pandemic if you if you take the pandemic away and it never happened. We still have a crisis you know. We still have the the underserved minority communities the fix the roads the infrastructure water broadband. We need her for all of that and we need her really interesting partnership with the. Lg where he's working with these minority groups and the water warriors and so on to sort of address. Some of these disparities. I don't see a better team in the executive then went Marin Gilchrist right now. So that's one reason and the second reason is I just think by needs to choose a black woman as his VP? Pick and because black women deserve the representation at that highest level their core constituency. They've they've been there for us and you know what they just. They just deserve it. I mean people call this identity politics in kind of look at it like it's a negative thing but I'll tell you what well you've probably had this experience to where when Barack Obama was elected the black people in your life. We're really much more affected by that. Then you and you know the non black or the white people whatever feed your dog weather way but I needed some background music. You know. We're not really sharing the background visuals. Which is a good thing. You think she can sing. So okay well. That's what happens is they're learning on late night. She winkle has doggone every night so we might as well do the same yes. They could bring abby inches. My special girl there must be a bunny or a shadow outside or something for her bark at. I don't know one question I would have to girl and Gilchrist really great talent but I think he suffers from the same problem that some of the people were talking about nationally are having and that is. I'm not sure he's ready to be a number one. He's got a again. He's very raw politics and he's got a lot of talent but he doesn't have that legislative background the long standing relationship of working with the legislature. The same problem. Rick Snyder had really Jennifer Granholm had. They didn't know how to work with their legislation or hurt both. Yeah he would have to choose an algae who does have deep legislative ties. I don't know who that would be it. You know I really want to point. This doubt though is that when Barack Obama won I saw so many of my black friends just break down and cry I mean it was just. It was an experience that is beyond my understanding or my my I mean just beyond the realm of what I can do what I could feel you know understand. I was glad he won. I didn't cry but there was more to it than that. And I think there is something to be said for that kind of representation. A lot of people say it's identity politics and you should be colorblind. But I don't think that's true so I I really think Biden needs to choose a black woman. It's time for them to be at the top of the ticket. Okay well I think the order of importance of the things that he has to weigh his first of all. Who's ready for the Jews? Ready on day. One to become president of the United States the man is seventy what Sony seven years old in great health and all of that silly seventy seven years old. A number two. It's got to be somebody that he can work with. I think because of his relationship with Barack Obama he understands the importance of really being simpatico with number two He wants to have a partner as the vice president of the United States and then number three of the political considerations is the first priority to shore up the Midwest. In which case. You're talking club ajar or Whitmer. Is it to shore up his support in the African American community. In which case you're right. He's talking in terms of Kamla Harris. Perhaps Stacey Abrams although I think she probably feels on the ready for the Office on Day One count. I've heard the name Susan. Rice mentioned former. Un Ambassador under President Obama's a possibility although that would bring Benghazi back into the debate. Those are people that could be considered. But I think that's what's going to go into his decision. I don't think it can make a bad choice. It's just a matter of what works. Best for him. Tamila Harris. I don't think would deliver any sort of electoral. You know advantage to a maybe whitman. Cloves are like you said strong in the Midwest could help get those states back but I. I really think that they can do that from where they're at now whether it's Common Harris or somebody else has a completely different role to play in terms of Showing the base that we are committed to you. We are there for you and we are going to have you represented at the highest levels. The only thing you've got to think about what Senator Harris two issues the first one who really went after Joe Biden in the debates going after him on the issue of school busing even though when push came to shove they really didn't disagree on the issue but she made it sound like they did. Yeah but people move past those things and I think that the two of them working together They could hold a different experiences and slightly different opinions on things. Whether like you say I don't really think they have different opinions on them now. you have to reach you know? She was reaching way back into her childhood right. Joe Biden's had a long career of service law grew your long career and people evolve and I don't think it's entirely fair to say that he is a certain way now that he was then but I think that if the two of them can work together and get their messaging right they would be a pretty powerful team and it would help kind of unites some of the factions that are in the Democratic Party. Now it's interesting. I think back to the nineteen sixty election which Sixty years ago and I was just a kid but that was an election where John Kennedy picked the person who almost beat him for the nomination for Vice President Lyndon Johnson because he wanted the Gravitas of the political power within the Congress of Lyndon Johnson. And they somehow manage to work together even the Lyndon Johnson and Bobby Kennedy hated each other. I do know that they did not seem to be a good pick. I honestly thought it was more about delivering the South but that makes total sense. Who knows what's going to happen speculations. Fun I hope. He doesn't pick anybody for a while just so we can keep betting. The surround the ticket to be settled..

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