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Why how is it possible to you felt such crippling anxiety in life, if that's what's normal. Is this man's screaming. I love shack. Took the stage to your AC DC Back in Black with with fog and he said, And it's running like like Gene like GM about food cuts and like like cement shoes and was like, I'm going I'm going out clothes for this, you know, and it was like really bad and I was like more wine place was like they're giving us like white wine with Italian dinner and I was oh I was like more wine and more wine. It's like she's like everyone who loves his company standing right freaking now and I was like, I guess I should stand and there was like, it was like a half full Convention Center a great big room. So it was like it was like God it was the work was like, I like close for dinner party a oh, well awesome. That is really upsetting Jesus Christ. Looking good faith. Yeah. I was it. All right a little questions we have that's it. That's it for questions. We are weird cooked on this connection connections closer Hannah, but before birth That I want to see minutes male enhancement formula. All right. Yes promo code o&d for 36 5% off your first four men semen x.com. And look at that let him know that and she'll that's all we need. That's all we ask. All right, if you having a little bit of trouble with your John Thomas, we got you show me girls complaining they don't come enough. Yeah, whatever do that. But whatever. I don't feel full we need to do it again. All right, no problem. I got you. Yeah working on another one right now. I work about another nut right now. Sorry. We were contacted by the people from semenax and they're like you talking down on a little more like no. Yeah, I want to say no, but yeah. So it's the 25% off OMG go for it. All right, Miss connections brought to you by producer Hannah the pride of Michigan. British Anna works very hard. She spends her entire. We can you imagine that spends her entire week if I lived in Michigan? Yeah, I can imagine Yoopers spends her entire week looking for Miss connections. And here we go any time but this this Larry see that was the strangest k-hole you've ever fell down her off. This one called Andrew see in Saratoga, right? We used to we use to meet up at my house in Galway Tiny Town next to serotonin a few years back. I will be staying over in Saratoga this coming Friday. I will tell you how they spelled coming Friday evening on business and I hope you're around another. I'm not that's the thing and not gonna be around. This is Andrew sea tomato sauce. That's my that's my intercom. It's Angel Craigslist Sandra Craigslist. That's what I go by when I'm on Craigslist. Nevertheless. They say I hope you see this kind of hear back from you. Yeah. Sorry. I'm not be in where am I going to be where the fuck is Duke? I mean Durham Durham North character him. That's how that's how it should be for now. You're from Durham X-ray tech Adam Urgent Care on Hoosick street in Troy. Actually, I know this is actually actually Tech triage at emergent quick and just be emergency care or like why do we have to that's a big thing about the capital region? We make shit. Oh, they loved it and they call a tech Valley. Yo the fucking it's not coming now. That's not happening. Oh we're going to all of our kids are going to know how to do stem. It's going to be amazing though. They're not. No, they're not, you know, they're going to do drugs underage Street Bridge. Yeah, they're going to work at momentive Mill and make it the first girl pregnant and they're going to ask you for money. And then that's the deal. So whatever actually I work for the state and blow their brains are in there for extra Tech triage Urgent Care on Hoosick street. I was there to be treated you saw my tattoo and made a remark about it being awesome because this is just somebody being nice because it relates to your profession as an x-ray all caps technician. I just want to say I thought you were beautiful and seemed to have a pretty cool Vibe player if you see this and want to chat wage. Pleased with where and what the tattoo was what if you break something else and go back Romeo If you see this on want to get Julio if you see this, I want to chat reply with where and walk the tattoo birth. I gotcha pool table at worst bar in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We're back. All right, holy night. We saw each other at the bar down at worst and exchanged quick glances worst. I dressed as off-brand brawny man. This is Halloween one was playing pool with my skeleton friend. When you're young and said, hey put a quarter down to play the next game you were with two unicorns and two other girlfriends. You stayed up playing doubles against my skeleton friend and Ursula the octopus. I think you're right Doc Martens off camera. Is this a fucking fever dream? What are you talking correctly? So if I can correctly tell me what costume if I if off. If can correctly tell me what costume you were dressed up as so, I know it's you let's play around a pool and get a proper drink sending dank Vibes asshole leopard-print costume in l d okay. Hi. You were wearing a let you have my attention when you get that zero carb bread and can you reach up there and get that zero carb bread for me. I just can't quite reach it. Thanks Junior High you were wearing a leopard-print costume with no bra no more like with no bra. With no bra you looked amazing. I would like to make upar let me know. There we go. Yeah, that's that's that's the most jobs like you anticipated this coming phone banking Fox man Arbor. I was making calls for Joe Biden you were making calls for Gretchen Whitmer. I was sorry to interrupt them know anything about you, but I'm always looking for more friends with her and I can tell you a lot about this person. I'm always looking for more friends with their hearts and ideologies in the right place. Hit me up. If you want to chat with voter suppression or the Supreme Court her even your favorite coffee shop holyshit. Holy shit, fucking speechless. Yeah, maybe that's the way the date now, but you're dating and your thing is the extended thing like or we can talk about your favorite coffee shop instead of talking about the Supreme Court's what is up in your head schitt's lots of people want to talk about. Oh my God, you know next election in the woods. I'm saving up a hundred bucks a month every month between now and the next election and three weeks beforehand. I'm just going to the woods. I'm out uncooked. I mean you can you do that. I need the cash. I need to live well or even your faith like, you know, it's like you can talk about voter suppression or the Supreme Court or even your favorite coffee talk about it not actually so I'm allowed to talk about my favorite coffee shop..

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