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Meal at the reactors cantina and after the tour each person gets tested for radiation and receives a certificate for the radiation dose they were exposed to that's correspondent bill mm for reporting an east texas nurse has lost his license his job at at least temporarily his freedom abc's jim ryan says william george davis is held on two million dollars bond in august sixth the death of a coronary bypass patient named christopher greenaway greenaway cases similar to that of perry frank a sixty one year old who had heart surgery a month and a half before chris greenaway in the same hospital he was doing so well he was recovering fine his daughter savannah frank second day of recovery when he mysteriously died the common thread is william davis who's been implicated in those two deaths and a life threatening injury of five of their patients investigators say air had been introduced into their arterial catheter lines sending bubbles into their brains causing strokes were death jim ryan abc news dallas it's twenty four whichever aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours kierra jordan there is a sticky situation can we say that in lacey manure truck that spilled fortunately it's not causing a huge huge backup but this is on this is on marvin road episodic avenue and so this is in this roundabout that's right there and we had this manure track that overturned and so yeah causing a little bit of a delay through that area and just to give you an f y i hd video of it right now on komo news dot com well thank goodness because i was curious what we're here for here we need a little bit of levity and our job sometimes looks to be a bit drizzly to tomorrow highs in the low to mid fifties mid to upper fifty s four saturday with a little bit of rain and wind and just about everywhere here in western washington right now forty eight degrees with some showers at komo news komo news time to twentyfive a chinese couple killed in a.

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