President Trump, Robert Muller, Bob Costantini discussed on Chris Plante


Happened in the nine hundred block of south bell in the Tri Taylor neighborhood. This morning in the Pilsen neighborhood. A forty eight year old woman killed by a fire at eighteenth in Peoria, this neighbor, talked about it with ABC Sabbath. I expected it because when I saw came out to the court. On her body should apply people shot in Chicago over the weekend. Three of them killed one person killed in a crash on the Stevenson early this morning, the person drove their car into an idea truck which had pulled over near Polaski to help another motorist President Trump giving an interview to CBS before the Super Bowl saying that the special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia election report is out of his hands. Let's get more from Bob Costantini used pre Super Bowl interview with CBS news. President Trump not worried about the Muller reports and saying it will be up to the Justice department to decide what if any of it will be made public. He continues to dismiss the probe is a witch hunt including the factor. Thirty four persons have been charged people many of them were bloggers from Moscow were people that had nothing to do with me had nothing to do with what they're talking about people. Got caught telling born telling a lie just last week. Roger stone pleaded not guilty to charges of lying to congress. Bob costantini. The White House is tomorrow night for the president's state of the union address right here on WLS the New England Patriots winning another Super Bowl. One key play. The only touchdown scored in the game was in the fourth quarter. First and goal.

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