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Border city of Juarez across from el Paso Texas officials say it will provide meals medical care and more to immigrants have been sent back to Mexico from the US where their applications for asylum are pending the Mexican government says the shelter can house thirty five hundred people twenty thousand asylum seekers have been sent back to Mexico since January when these new program began Mexico is expected to open more shelters in the next few days I'm ready to fall les ed Sheeran's divide tour is one for the record books his latest tour will make more money than any other tour in history Paul Starr forecast the total gross to this point is seven hundred thirty six point seven million dollars and that'll top the previous record of seven hundred thirty five point four million dollars set by you too in twenty eleven in a statement Sheeran calls it amazing the divide two are launched on March sixteenth twenty seventeen and is due to end on August twenty sixth that's eight hundred ninety three days compared to the seven hundred sixty days you to spend on the road Sheeran's tour top you two's attendance record of seven point three million on may twenty fourth in France with the total attendance of seven million three hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred seventy hybrid driving technology is coming to Indy car the racing series announced Thursday will integrate a hybrid power train into its cars beginning in twenty twenty two the technology will use braking systems to create energy recovery and will include multi phase motors inverters and electric storage devices the new systems also will increase.

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