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This will be known as the Bryce young gate. I mean, he was just spectacular. He was accurate. He was innovative and freelance. I mean, he was wonderful. I thought Bill O'Brien did a really good job moving him off platform, working in tempo and quick game and really doing all the telltale things, a good coordinator does to negate a talent advantage. And I give a lot of credit to Doug marrone, the other former NFL head coach who washed ashore at Alabama this off season. Because look, that offensive line was atrocious in armor in that Saturday night. And it was just a completely different unit. Nick Saban spent a lot of the postgame compliments in the line. Their preparation, their physicality, was something that was readily apparent and yeah, it was just it was a tale of two teams. It's interesting, Pete, because Doug Moroni and Bill O'Brien have come under enormous criticism. Not by you and me, but by Alabama fans throughout the season and they were the stars of the show. Let me get a quick thought on Kirby smart before we move into the utterly bizarre coaching carousel. I mean, I realized any answer here could be could be outdated in a couple of weeks of Kirby's holding up the national championship trophy, but that's a big gift right now. Yeah, I think it's interesting. Georgia had a wonderful season and they have a great team. And what's going to define Kirby smart going forward both for this season and for the rest of his tenure. And I'm a big believer in Kirby. And he spent 82% of his games, right? He's completely modernized that place brought it in the right direction. The people who don't think Kirby smart has done enough worn around long enough to see how far he's pushed that program from when Mark Rick was. But until you win and probably saw this with Bill shelf comes to mind in basketball. Jim baham even earlier in my career. You know, the excellent excellent high end coaches who haven't done it. Kirby said to me last week in Athens, you get enough at bats, one of these times you're going to get a hit. And I think that was his way of saying if we keep putting out top 5 teams, one of them is going to win it. And so what he's going to be judged on going forward here is how Georgia responds to this. Did they get enough out of that out of that defense? They didn't seem to get any pressure on grecian, hardly at all throughout the afternoon there. And what they do at the quarterback position, you'd be naive to think nobody in that Georgia dome sat there watching Bennett down 10.14 points whatever it was thinking he could lead a comeback. And does the return of George pickens give you another reason? I mean, they didn't really need to throw the ball downfield. I think they targeted Bowers that said entry is a wonderful player, 16 times. Which gives you a little bit of a window into just both your strategy and a little bit of limitations. Pete, let's turn the page to what has been going on since then. And I want to get to Ben bowls and some other coaching situations. And I've always liked many Diaz I've never really been sure he was an elite coach, but in reading and employee many deals. Exactly. Well, you know how I am about those things. But I was just in reading your stuff and just watching it from a distance. I mean, it's hard to put into words with this university did to him. I'm wondering if Mario christoval had finally said no this morning would many Diaz have still been the coach. Yes, he would have. I mean, it's that part is pretty simple. And I wrote a comment about this on Yahoo. Late last night, that's up there right now. Basically said, this is sort of the you announcing itself is back and it's bold and they have new money and they have blind ambition and quite frankly they didn't have a whole lot of tap yesterday. I've never seen a coach squirm. And I guess if I really sat bought about it, there's some other situations Houston left major apple out out the drive for a bunch of days so they can see it on the buyout a few years ago. But considering the job and the stakes and how public everything was, it was an unprecedented situation that many DS went through yesterday and I had a lot of sympathy for him just as a human. And I got dozens and dozens of texts from coaches expressing the expressing the same, but as of last night, nobody at Miami said anything to Manny about what was happening. So he just like recruited. He got a commitment on Saturday. So it was just a bizarre situation. It was poorly handled, and look, in some ways, if you're Miami fan, you want to move on into this bold bright future. You say, well, this is good. You know, we don't care about feelings. We're going to push on. And that's sort of the vibe that's been given off. But obviously, you're in this business for a while. You know people and it's just like on a personal level. That was pretty cruel. Well, they did get a big fish as a big game hunt as Scott Woodward likes to be perceived as. So what does this mean to Mario Cristobal because he did have it going at Oregon? Well, up until he ran into Utah a couple of times. Yeah, I think Paul means that Mario, Christopher's home and he gives Miami the best chance to become some new version of Miami. They are not going to dominate like they did understand burger or under Jimmie Johnson or anything to that level. But there's certainly no reason that with great leadership, which they should be getting soon from Dan radical, which becomes an AD. That they can't push forward into a new era and be vibrant and relevant. There's too much talent down there. And the brand is still too good despite two decades of trying to undercut it through poor leadership, and they made some bad coaching homes when you really go back and look through it. Randy Shannon didn't work out. Al golden was a bad fit. These pretty good coach, but he never adjusted either. There's blame to go all around. But as that time went on, the difference here is really a simple one Paul. Miami never had a lot of money as an athletic department. If somebody told me once, they told me a hundred times in the last month, money is not a problem. Money's not a problem. Money's not a problem. They have a new tied to a hospital system down there and the nuances of that are certainly above my head, but it is created hundreds of millions of revenue for the university, the university realizing that it became a big bold national brand at court because of its big bold national football program is eager and anxious to put more money into athletics to use them as that front porch. I mean, it was one of the great front porches for a generation for any kind of school. And so that's where that's where Miami is as university right now. And it'd be hard to bet against Mario Cristobal really really unlocking it. Many gifted them a top flight quarter pack who's one of the best young quarterbacks in all of college football. In Tyler Van Dyke. And I really feel like with the portal and all the talent that leaves there in the crystal ball is proven to be a high end college coach. And really got a great start and running and running program. We want a rose bowl of Oregon, he made us the bowl last year he won the PAC 12. So those are good credentials and good shops and yeah, I mean, remember that turnover change year, Paul, I think it was 2017..

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