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Because he's got very much that hair he's trying isn't it yeah folk musician by us if you listeners have ever watched scrotal recall on netflix now rebranded as lovesick should it's lovely show he is known best for that and jessie buckley made her name originally on way way back in the day it was on idea anything the talent show to find nancy for the west end yes yes she didn't she came runner up and she's now gone onto this isn't film so it's all worked out fine for people in a little bit there is a serial killer on the loose she's attracted to this guy the police are trying to this guy for different reasons and it's a serial killer movie in which the whole serial killing business call is largely offscreen it's actually more i would say a character study this this film which just happens to feature a psychopath somewhere in it but we don't see very much of that hannah saying that you have to invest in more to create this phone call will you able to yes this will hinges on more and it's not really a film about the serial killers film the deconstruction of most character and i it one really tiny bit i enjoyed is the father molly's has slowly degrades as the film progresses so when you first she's very prim and proper has really done up in bern and then slowly depending on who she's talking to depending what seen is in the hague at while the more restrained and eventually just becomes a mess and i think that's a really good indicate of what this film is it's about someone who has been under the thumb of a on matriarch meeting a bit of danger boy and then promptly using it.

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