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So I do that. But very much like like when you talk about a Van Gogh and aquaman, sometimes those worlds don't know about each other. But actually, that's kind of mice because it reminds you there's all kinds of ways to make things us all kinds of stories to tell there's all kinds of ways to perform. And I think when you have a certain kind of flexibility, you're more open to experience, and it's not just about executing. It's really about discovering. And it's about an on Bree. Connecting with some kind of wonder well last year with the Florida project. We are. We are just Gaga how good no the Sean Baker is a great filmmaker. And and that was such a pleasure to do. I've always I've always liked. I've always. Loved watching movies from other cultures particularly where I don't know. Whether the people are actors in like, I liked performances that aren't. Necessarily where you don't recognize the craft or you don't you don't. You know, you don't know whether they're people are actors, and this was a case of I had to be a person. I and that's kind of what I aspire to do all the time. But this was really good occasion to be a person. I act a second and take your cues from the real people in the environment. We were shooting and from the job than people at didn't really sometimes some did. But some didn't really have traditional skills of an actor technique, but they were wonderful at inhabiting things and doing things, and it was such a reminder that sometimes, you know, the lessons can come from my interesting places. Yeah. What what we struck us when we interviewed, Sean. The two of them were nurturing out so hard on the bet Greenwich film. He's got an tastic, film culture. There will francophiles. Just French all, but but that in particular about spanky McFarland. Oh, yeah. Regain a little Rask. We were really struck by his positively. He did not describe the people in that film accepting you as non actors, which which is a fun one. Non-professional? He called them. First timers. What a lovely positive euphemistic. Right. Right. That great. It's true. It's true. And crit crisper gosh is writing, you know, the both of them they come together, and they make this film. And it was it blew your mind and away because of its simplicity, and what you're talking about that kind of thing. And if people if someone didn't know you I don't think they've know that you weren't just that guy, and that's a big deal. And I think that's also what's what's funny about being in these kind of opposing roles Merman and Van Gogh is that it's it's to extremes, but you're an actor. So whether you're painting assign at your motel or trying to get the topless old woman sitting by the pool to put on clothes, you know, all of these different things. It's all it's all in there. And it's all interesting, and and kind of like what a costume designer sometimes sometimes you're not supposed to notice the wardrobe the. Yes. If if the performance is good enough, you shouldn't notice, and that's. I mean there there are all kinds of performance by performances in performances, and I. Sometimes I'd like very actor Lee performances. I appreciate them. And sometimes like doing them, you know, a big mask or something very, Patrick, but I will say that the actors that you know, that I responded to ever since I was a kid we're we're not the movie stars. But they tended to be the more, you know, like be movie actors and horror film actors because they they had a humanity. Sometimes. More professional or polished performers in. Impact?.

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