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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Felicity Jones, Russert discussed on News and Information with Dave Williams and Amy Chodroff


Country. You should look to her generation they taking to the streets. Protests are important the changing the culture means nothing if the law doesn't change what did you say? Your name was. Badir Ginsburg for some reason. I don't see Felicity Jones is her, but you'll tell me if it worked or not, well, she she's the right size. She's very small, but she really doesn't come across with the feistiness of the authentic article. There was a documentary about russert against Berta earlier this year called Rb g which was really extraordinary, and and a an amazing success at the box office to this film is much more conventional it plays sort of like a good TV made for cable movie, and it really doesn't get into the modern life. The more recent years of Ginsburg, it's about her early career. It's the first half is really about her marriage how she nursed her husband through his cancer treatments while raising their young daughter, and finishing her law degree, and then wasn't able to get a job with a law firm and so had to go into teaching the second half of the movie. Is about the first case, she takes about gender discrimination, which is a case involving a man who's discriminated against the IRS refuses even caregiver pay payments. And she takes on that case knowing that if she wins, one sex discrimination case on the basis of a man, she'll be able to move into cases involving women more easily. And and that's where the film really ends. It ends with this first case, which is the beginning of her career fighting in the courts for women's rights. It's not a bad idea. But the script is so clumsily put together and so- conventional in terms of its episodes that the movie winds up being a slight disappointment as I say, it's a good made for TV movie. It could have been so much more because Ruth Bader Ginsburg is after all extrordinary person. But this is a very ordinary movie about an extraordinary woman. All right, finally, Holmes and Watson majesty.

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