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The ones Henderson a twenty six yard catch on the first play of stuff from scrimmage for the rams and then to carry for negative one yard I think one catch for thinking of three so didn't go quite as well after that Darwin Thompson does the great we will ask Dave about that but Jamie risers or fallers so far from the pre season who really has stood out to you in a good or bad way well if you factor in training camp to I mean it's it's obvious you know Curtis Samuel is getting a lot of forget about what I say Plano Kerr same was getting you know so much attentions it's just sort of reiterating you know I think if anybody did like his situation that that certainly helpful from the first two games I guess you know James Washington has been fantastic it's it's making me rethink Donte Moncrief should be the starter if I was a Steelers no just watching him play because he's been electric you know he he he had a couple slash place tonight and and certainly did in week one I'm curious to see if US neckwear Justin Jackson could build off what they did last week you know because we saw them you know really take on the the cardinals which is not a great defense and pour more offense on while we get to the fall and that's the big story for the fallers and you know I'm I'm excited about that back I'm also excited about the tape is very no not that in like his his set up you know as marking was replacement to start training camp and start the pre season but I like the fact that he had three catches in that game last weekend you know how to add a good performance and speaking of three catches David Montgomery you know I think the fact that they tell them out of the second preseason game is a good indication that they want to make sure that is fresh and amazing enough in the first preseason outing that they don't need to see as much work as maybe was needed I wanted to call so it just tell you agree or disagree on this but sneaky kinda David Montgomery storyline he could really destroy three Collins value if he's involved in the passing game I I agree you know we without a couple discuss the conversations about that on on a variety of our programs whether it's our our podcaster CBSSports H. Q. which is our twenty four hour streaming network you should check it out that you know he's Cummings at one of our other analyst expects going to remain in the same range of touch as a hundred and seventy touches what he had last year whereas day Richard thinks that my government gonna come in and not just get the Jordan Howard work but also get you know maybe twenty to thirty more touches on top of that could be close to a three hundred touch guy I think there's probably somewhere between that you know or maybe Colin goes from one seventy to one sixty one fifty and Montgomery is a better version of Jordan Howard because of what he can do in the passing in Jordan Howard had twenty nine twenty three and twenty catches in his first three seasons he missed only one game in those three seasons okay to the phones and and again yeah I mentioned Dave Richards coming on later one of our analysts he's at the Steelers game so talk about James Washington as well here we go to Robert in California or as he's known in the office Robert California what's up Robert Hey guys thanks very much call love you guys listen to you daily you give the jammer while hiking or whatever it is I apologize up with that bill to the complex he called but I really need your help I'm in a kind of a unique league it's it's it's it's a twelve team one point PPR keeper league every can keep up to three players from different positions so basically most of the of the big guys are kept already I tell people nobody and so I have the first overall pick so big guys that are available to here at number one art bell mix in Europe Calvin Johnson for net cook and the course hill and because we have a few words here too running back and our flag is only a receiver or tight end will basically kind of a three wide receiver league I'm thinking of taking hill number one and then I basically ticked again demonstrates that basically pick again at number six and seven they're gonna pick in like the best of the guys left it running back will develop mixes child party Calvin Johnson for net or cook and then number seven either at tight end or the the next best receiver like element dixieland cooks whatever Cooper what do you think of that means other get a pretty good plan you know what if Terry kills the best receiver it sounds like years of elements and expense kind the board I don't know if you're just skipping through guys but you know it just wasn't in the set out to me as well it's not a bad thing you know I I understand you know the the flex position being only receiver or tight and so you know kills a hard guy to pass on there but if you don't have to play at tight end I may not take it'll there I may look to see maybe taking the next available running back if you get to those guys or maybe you like you said Ilham element digs make a little more sense all right Robert thank you very much I like the combination of carry on and Calvin Johnson for Calvin Johnson there could be a terrific player for the lighting cal Ridley I think he was talking about Kelvin I'm an agreed to that area yeah because I will he we have a Kerry on Johnson question from Adam in Houston Adam you're an eye on fantasy football yeah except Adam a out of by the way on that I can't last year you told a story about the boys about how you're gonna turn away or whatever Beyonce I oppose it what was the story about the show the voice yeah you what's the one you said like all good speed up against the wall or turn away if you like it or whatever I don't remember that but that's a side barely watch that show but I think I turned around like that the judges do alright should we do that we all do that Adam Adam Adam the caller please don't lump in Adam's wife with the weird things just because she is awesome and Adam aids not so much yeah it is weird yeah but well we wish you would listen to the podcast that day and with me we were in the car and she bit out her coffee he thought it was so funny all right there you go see people do you think I'm funny Jamie I think you're very funny thank you are out of what is your wonderful question yes back to the real stuff here so no offense then the game tonight with the the line for no it's not that was playing like pretty like halfway through the second quarter and back and forth with the games than there but on the other line can I would carry on the family the yeah I kind of didn't feel so good so what do you guys think about that I don't think there was ever going to be a scenario where was G. at Jamie I got I don't think that's true I think Twitter got tricks I think the announcers said the wrong name and I think that was tied Johnson is that possible Adam now the first half basically now and then after Granderson again all right though yeah all right they're gonna use CJ Anderson they there's no question about they're gonna you see Dancin the the thing that you want to invest in with Kerry on Johnson is that he is going to get the majority of touches now he may lose some goal line opportunities there may be a couple of series received Janice and gets rolling the thing I think we see garrison that that people I I you know kind of light I think confuse a little bit is why didn't the Panthers use him more in the beginning of the season when they had them and then why was he so successful with the rams when he was somewhat out of shape he's somewhere in between that you know he's going to be not necessarily a feature type of guy on this carry on Johnson goes down but he's going to be a part time back and I don't think that the lines smartly are going to give Kerry on Johnson three hundred and fifty told such as because I don't think he's capable of that based on his injury track record but the thing that you got a like about carry on Johnson is only two hundred carries an maybe sixty five to seventy cactus if things go right any place sixteen games SO two hundred fifty to two hundred eighty total touches and probably seventy five percent of all my work sixty political I work you know I I think it's just that's what you have to buy it with him is why the upside is there with him so he dares to get work it's not like he's just the a replacement for him city go down they're gonna use of all right so we have I do part of the we are getting more of your phone calls we will do that certainly throughout the show eight five five two one two four two two seven were also going to hear from day Richard shortly to get a an important update on some preseason Manasseh twenty powered by the way is having a huge game so you should probably take a gamble on him just in case Ezekiel Elliott does not come back for week one but right now it is time for your latest sports update here's John Fass.

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