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Go get a little anxious weather right now we gotta the game here well jimmy when you're in the game you got the you always got a chance and a looking forward to seeing you and a best of luck coming up but anything at belmont for saturday sunday from the closing of the closing days are i think sunday i got a new york granted it's kind of like i could tell you what's going to run the last week here at the scratch to so that's basically what it is we've got a couple of coming up at the end whether states good and we get a couple more a chance for leaks well best of luck as always jimmy toner everybody and went through a riley with the united nations win and i will see him in the bowling green and a a work during the during the summer as we finally have got a good stretch of weather and those turf races of that everybody likes a country can go we've had the same we've had those same issues we've had a scratch is three times with one little boy you're old new york philly jimmy well done thank you dave overnight it's always fun jimmy telling her one of my absolute favorites and learn plenty of from from jimmy toner over the years one of the one of those horsemen when i turned the learn things would just kind of coming around and jimmy in del carol the the the goto a you could follow jimmy i don't know how much tweeting he he's doing i'm sure his daughter is handling be the tweeting jj toner racing is a the twitter now let's take a top of the hour break after a first the full hour here a tom mcgreevy joining us off the opening and jimmy toner let's get to are are ten o'clock spot as always johnny de joins us next and and i know johnny johnny bench on sunday morning at eight thirty he sat down in front of the tv and and and was looking for for roy alaska the continue we got a recap friday and saturday from a rare last get and a i gotta take up that picture johnny i i didn't that's the one thing i didn't do ask week was sent out the picture johnny though i love back after this johnny day with feedback on sirius xm radio amazing achievements pennsylvania bridge on the world stage thanks defined the city unique bella and shamrock rose ph joins kentucky has he only state in the past decade to breed eclipse award champions three straight years at that too much incentives plus are racehorse development fund only be used to support p h breeding and racing why breed anywhere else this is brian san fratello go the p h dot com and see why pennsylvania is the premier place to breeding writes spills dot com is a cost effective sending in wellesley blenders arabia generate electronic in.

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