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Blue they with vital forensic evidence now missing whether accidentally or deliberately the coroner's office had to make do with whatever other tests they could run maryland's blood levels revealed heavy traces of nembutal and chloride hydrate showing that she did indeed die of an overdose but something else was more puzzle blink when the copsey came about with dr not duty they didn't notice any sediments in her stomach no yellow i send just the dock fluids so when somebody takes this amount of drugs you're gonna find some residue in their stomach through stomach was empty no traces of utah or any other drugs were found there on august seventeenth nearly two weeks after marilyn died dr gucci published his findings marilyn monroe had died of acute barbiturate poisoning and according to the coroner's office conclusions at her own hand and here's l. a. chief karner theodore kerfi announcing the news the girl has suffered from captions disturbance for a long time mood changes were abrupt and unpredictable in our investigation we have learned michigan role had often expressed wishes to give up the withdraw and even to die on more than one occasion them a pass when disappointed and depressed she had made a suicide attempt using sedative drugs on the basis of information obtained it is our opinion that the case is probably suicide forensic pathologist cyril wecht review the autopsy photographs toxicology report investigator reports those are the you know all the things that were available for matters of record confidential shaw records there in all my years fifty seven years i do not recall a case in which somebody quipped on probable when you are not sure which you're supposed to do officially properly is to list of manner of death is undetermined and that's why we have a box for undetermined nothing to be embarrassed about intellectually by using that sometimes you can't be sure what demand rift is the autopsy report came under fire from points throughout the nation journalist anthony scott reto referred to it has quote one of the weirdest autopsy reports ever confected doctor cindy be weinberg chief medical examiner of suffolk county new york named the evidence points to the classic features of a homicide much more so than to a suicide the use of the word probable essentially i'm that office indicates to me i think quite reasonable logical inference that they really weren't sure overwhelming pressure he said that in his judgment that no formal inquest was needed his communist in little more than ignite conspiracy theories regarding maryland ends death suicide or murder that was still raging more than a half century later marilyn monroe's death may have been officially declared a suicide but the use of that word probable plus the mysteriously lost forensic evidence and the absence of any pill residue in her stomach led many to believe is that something was being covered up and when journalists and private investigators began to conduct their own inquiries it soon emerged that marilyn's organs were not the only things that had suddenly vanished the police records that were kept disappeared there aren't any records on maryland if you go to the district attorney's office they don't exist someone got rid of them it was revealed that all records of our incoming and outgoing telephone calls had been removed from the archives of the phone company never deterred most of the people who were there that night and who were close to her we're never interviewed so we have the official record it has a very imprecise version of her desk in the final months of her life marilyn's tangled liaisons with JFK bobby kennedy had meant she was under almost constant surveillance by everyone from FBI director j edgar hoover to the chicago mafia surely those records wordings could provide a clue to exactly what happened to her on that fateful night apparently not all of the tapes that came from the american munro's home they mysteriously disappeared there's a lot of evidence about the tapping of the phone a lot of the wiretap evidence was destroyed consists of bugging tapes that vanished in the cover up you have the j. edgar hoover tapes and the reason is the catch bobby kind of the what is sandstone then you go read out trust he was hired by sam giancana in the chicago mild and the reason to booker was to get inside automation on what maryland me know about the FBI and bobby kennedy's attack on chicago up very early biographers were able to listen some of it before it did get destroyed the FBI tapes the reason they wanted the final what maryland movable frank sinatra's compensations with the mafia then you've got marilyn monroe secret tapes at this time i'm role knew she was being watched by the demographia privacy till he was feeling uneasy and thought maybe her life would be threatened so they were trying to cover up everything that happened to her here's private detective becky alternator who spent years trying to track down much of this missing evidence so many people orlov was a cover up they took everything has to do with barrel monroe's death and they covered it up or they destroyed it you know go to the more LA you talk to them i bet you they didn't leave anybody else's lab worker there things like that but the phone records of marilyn monroe they disappeared everything disappear the pathologist reports there laugh or everything her stunning content everything had to do barrel monroe disappeared why to me it's just a big cover up becky's investigations led to her finding one of the few people still alive who was not only a member of maryland's inner circle but who is with the tragic star on her less stay i was looking for the people who live by marilyn monroe at the time i called them like really nervous i'm gonna call pat nuke oh she doesn't talk to anyone i call and i just said please just give me a minute the talk before you hang up she said okay you have a minute we'll the minute turn into an hour her she wanted to know about me and my life and vice versa patricia nukem now eighty nine was marilyn's publicist and friend and we heard in the last episode maryland suspected she might also have been having an affair with bobby kennedy maryland came to believe that robert kennedy was having a thing with patricia newcomb at the same time whether it happened or not we weren't in the bedroom but marilyn came to believe it pat nukem had spent much of august fourth with marilyn then left in the early evening returning only when housekeeper eunice murray called her to say she found marilyn dead becky was particularly interested in the fact that nukem had told her she had arrived at the house at one thirty AM some two hours before very says she discovered the body so what might have she been doing in that time could she have been looking for something marilyn monroe journal nasdaq pat nuke them confirmed that to me she said yes she kept a journal whether it was the red book she said she doesn't know she just knows that maryland enron kept diaries mela monroe tip the secret diary in which she recorded intimate information about her relationships with several liberties including love affair with the then president kennedy then later on having a romance with bobby kennedy twenty channel does book would have been very intimidating found at the time they asked or were you looking for the diary actor marilyn death because there were several police officer sousse stated pat newcomb was just very upset and going through all the george is hysterical and things like that melman rose kefir of her life so i would think thank god bad diary because everybody wanted and the hands on the diary when i asked pat nude them of course she said was true she wasn't looking for her diary the diary never been found to this day.

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