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I'd swing by insure the importance of power line safety always keep your distance from power lines electrical boxes never touch or go near down power lines or anything in contact with the line it could save your life can I had to have some coffee okay I'll come down there to you always assume a downline is live get more safety tips D. G. E. dot com slash safety Tamara cal design and remodeling family believes there's no place quite like home for the holidays we've been helping city again celebrate the season for more than thirty five years here are Gary mark Allen Tom could PC owners of Mara cal design and remodeling hi I'm Gerry model cal at the holidays there's nothing more special than enjoying all the comforts of home and the true blessings of family and good friends through the years we've had the privilege of getting to know families throughout I'd like to take this opportunity to wish each of you the very best for the holidays health and happiness in the new year I'm Tom could easily on behalf of Gerry the entire Mara kill team I'd also like to wish you all a great holiday celebration in the best for the coming year we considered an honor that we've helped make so many homes a place for families gather increase memorable moments with one another year after year thank you so much for continuing to trust your home to us mark L. design and remodeling making the most of your home for the holidays and every day of the year you can trust your home to us where is your world start it's family first in San Diego you start with your story and your stories make of the world our job is to bring new original reporting powerful story trusted in understanding and homes and across the globe watch news every night at five but the news with Norah o'donnell and six then news eight at six thirty and eleven PM on C. B. S. C. please and for the last twenty years our country has done little to stop it at the Max is only getting worse me to do better to drive change our C. D. A. kicks making the difference true innovation that he knows our environment and stand hand in hand against the threat of global warming this is our home this is your chance thingy it is Mike Slater you know I'm always looking for ways to save money and free up some extra cash in a great way to do that is to call my friend Kevin lines is the president anger.

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