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At halftime as well as the Commissioner of the National League. And to our producers probably yelling at the right at the moment. Kyle dismissed all those commercials will make them up some flavor as we get back to action down on the turf, Philadelphia. Take advantage of Trevor Baptiste's commander the draw and pushing the ball down into the bandits zone. Getting a trout away. The rebound goes to the near corner where there's a scrum and finally a whistle. One of the onfield officials uncovers the ball. And with that said, I believe there will be a penalty in that fray. It'll be traced Frazier. Let's listen in. Cumulus checking from behind. So Philadelphia going back on the power play here in this game. They stand one three. So the board power play opportunity for Philadelphia. They've got the six four lead into gave the man advantage. If we open up a second half of play tonight from Philadelphia trolley will be the quarterback of the power play goes to the far side back product out of the Parsi again low shots. Seven. Or Philadelphia on the power play. So far so good for the Whigs. But the man advantage coming into the teepees game ranked eleventh overall that's last they only have eleven power-play goal. And they've got to tonight to follow up with Jordan hall coming up with the opportunity to fire a low shot with to the left side of Matt Vincent trickled across the goal line. Philadelphia's seventh goal of the game on its twenty seven shot a power play goal. Giving the wings a seventy four lead here in the early goings of corner. Number three. Straight to chase brazier just told the truth about the sloppy play. The bandits went through the first half and the repercussions of the bye week and again affording Philadelphia to take shots at will goaltender Matt mints. Jordan law. The most recent to do it buffalo with the ball now crossing the restraining live from the side stranger formation, Sean McKay. Giving the ball back to the far side to a running date spent. He collects the ball with ten seconds regaining on the shot clock spent Flanagan into action trying to thread the Beadle over to. Frisk Luce McKay on the diving shot ride an over the shoulder behind the net shot just to the closing moments up the shot clock. And no avail the wings come up with the ball. And now they'll mount the attack right at mid line. And crossing the line is Kevin Crowley started. To by bull run in the first corner for Philadelphia the Bill besides me now back Rambo with the ball. Typical back over crowding valley running right in trying to get a shot away. Good defense. By Justin Martin who comes up with the ball and one arm back out the steeper yellow military down the right wing lane approaching Philadelphia's restraining line, it will be a part of the rush by getting players out of the way, forty bubble that gets shot in Jordan, Durst it with the ball takes a twirl. He's from the nearside works back over to the right point trying to set up a play with everybody in the position the thread the needle somewhere, which he does and a shot by brazier is hit by Philadelphia player. Five seconds left on the shot clock as picked up by Philadelphia back out to midfield. They go seven four Philadelphia here in the third quarter of play shots on goal. Twenty eight twenty four favoring the wings may come in again with our shot straight in front of Matt Vince goes over to the shoulder picked up by bandits clear back out now, Ian McKay has got it for buffalo down the right wing lane approaching restraining line for Philadelphia top this new shot makes the save rebound skirts out in front. Just new gets his own. Rebound. The feedback over to Ian McKay. Who's forced into the near corner? He won arms the ball back out to this new where the forwards. Buffalo's transition of defense retreat state Smith comes out along with Corrie Spall and Chris clue who's got the ball pass over to Ian McKay from the slot area. Back to the far side Hogarth back to clue j clue. What was going to be an extra attacker j took care of right away. Anabol- being scored hang on. You're going to have a call but clue j managing to get that ball right in front in traffic. Any powers is Vick frame in front there and walk into the right side and buffalo scores. It's fifth goal of the game every goal. So big tonight for buffalo. Just so hard to get in front of that and trying to get a shot away sloppy passing and miss connected setups. But finally frisk Luce who it's a deadly as we've mentioned in the pre game show, how strange assists one of leading scores of the series for Philadelphia clue j much-needed goal for buffalo scoring his eleven of the season fourth burqa. The bandits. Dan, bring buffalo within two buffalo with the ball. Again, corey. No job too small for Corey small. And buffalo comes within one again. While the bandits are into the offensive zone. If you've got a shot taken at Corey small dead with his winding site shot and a fine twine for Corey small on the board this twenty six of the season here small starting tonight's Dame twenty nine points in his last five. I mean, the guy's been playing exceptionally. Well. Along with chase. Frazier date spent Shaun Evans and host of other players. The more broadly that the power of Buffalo's offense of which we are not saved. Mike again from the draw. Philadelphia comes up at the ball, Jordan haw. Ours is way down into the band that zone. I've been ten remaining here in the third quarter seventy six papering Philadelphia. Got the ball down to the bandage zone. Twelve seconds left on the shot clock drives. The hard working the Philadelphia wigs. I'm a back to a two goal lead. Just exceptional McCain and it's break Brown the plight of Salamanca scoring four. The Philadelphia wings from the top of the slot. Didn't have anybody to pass it to. So he just took it from this lottery and had a wide opening and beat goaltender bat. Vince, Philadelphia's eighth goal of the night and the thirtieth shot on goal for the wings. For frank. Second the season for Philadelphia. Buffalo has there's a winning pushing Trump match ups in front of the Philadelphia bent immediately extinguished. Why beyond field officials are now? So retaliation. As Thomas Hogarth got tied up one the Philadelphia players that play resume so looks like the officials are letting him go here tonight in this third quarter of play down two goals. It's Philadelphia with an eight six lead. They got the ball down to the bandits zone. Immediately. From the corner cleared with a diving shot he's taken into the crease area by Steve free. Although the ball jumps into the far corner. Porsche assessed on the Philadelphia. Technical foul will be possession. Buffalo up the right wing boards. Come Steve free. Although clears it back out to bid where Shaun Evans is already there. Rushing down into the Philadelphia zone. Realo checking players out of the way, while Dade Smith. Chuck. He's. Smith. On the scoreboard in buffalo comes with at one eight seven lead. And finally, the bandits waking up here in the second half of play. Good connection made shot Evans setting up that play nicely over the Dane Smith. And buffalo back onto the scoreboard Teno nine remaining quarter number three. John Evans, getting believe his first boy of the night. And setting up the played beautifully for the great, Dane, Dane Smith. Score his seventeenth of the season. The doubt the however from the draw Trevor Baptiste's has the control of the ball and immediately out in front shots. Played on. Buffalo cubs within one. But could your scores again to take a two zero lead again? Seems to be the story up tonight. All go. I give Philadelphia credit for the first half of play the way they were able to make the connections on the hot. Stick shots. Get in front of Matt Vince unchecked and here are misbehavior play. Kevin Crowley, misfiring the ball out of product despite being traffic, Frank, Ronn. I believe gets the gold again. So baby all day has found a new weapon or the Philadelphia wings and Frank Brown. Nick die. In addition to the size that. Tile, not salon with Kevin Crowley brings to the front forwards for Philadelphia. It's nine seven Philadelphia. The with the ball Thomas Hogarth has got a double team on the play force with the power cornerback over the game. Smith Smith, very quick pass over to small shot Buchan making an Icee rebound comes out in front. These ball isn't Rochon Evans is just down onto the jerk. The hard crosscheck shot. Come again to take exception to that. But no fists are thrown or no. Yard cell made with a quick flying off and Evans picks himself up on his own accord and is walking towards the buffalo bench. He was just hammered in front of the Philadelphia neck on a mad scramble trying to get the ball. Just not seen there. We're going to have a penalty for sure and flying in. I believe was wichner. Former buffalo abandoned, and I would be surprised if there will. A five minute major assessed onto this. Let's listen in Philadelphia ninety four two minutes cross. So he just gets two former buffet Obama Wacker illegal crosscheck. Now discussion ensues out to the faceoff circle. The center with the captains Kyle Matisse along with St. Prieto real those preaching high with imagine on the five minute major being assessed on a high sticking call by seventeen remaining here in this third quarter, Philadelphia nine buffalo seven tonight on WGN sports radio. Five fifty. I'm.

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