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Behind Cam Newton for half for the full year. It just makes too much sense, though, and I believe that we were patriots. We'll We'll end up with Justin Fields not drafted. Whether it's Moving up to seven or eight. Moving upto 12 13 or just staying in 52 taking. It might be surprised at Justice Field in a Patriot By Thursday night, Matt Patricia didn't burn too many bridges in Detroit to make that move happened, huh? Certainly could've I think for the hard part about Detroit at seven and Caroline at eight. So when Carolina's a little bit different Detroit It's really a eight or nine player draft after the quarterback so If you're the Detroit Lions, you'd love to move back that you don't have a lot of picks in this draft class for a rebuilding team and a front office. That's brand new. But if you leave that top what do you have? No. Eight first round grade that are not quarterback and you moved 15. Now you're into your second round grade. So I think the Lions may find it hard to move past 12 13, But the Panthers have more first round rates. I think You've got a good polls that they do move toe 13 with the Chargers, their 50 with the patron. They could get a guy, So I think the Patriots Panthers trade makes a lot more sense. But you're right. The Lions may not want to do. I don't wanna do mathematician any favors. Hey, I know you mentioned, you know, with fields that he was a perfect fit. So you mentioned your that McCain was one of the mobile quarterback you about He like Lamar Jackson. Beyond that. Why do you think Justin Fields is a perfect fit? And should we be nervous and buffalo if they get Justin Fields? I would say yes, again, part of it. I think the chip on his shoulder. Justin Field has had that over his career. He was a number. He was the number one quarterback until Trevor Laurence overtook about think he had that ship on the shoulder. Obviously. Getting beaten out. If you want to say beat now through outward by Jake for 100, Georgia, which the funny side is saying, and ice, I think going to Ohio State now being the fourth, maybe the fifth quarterback taken so I think you want that kind of player. But really, it's because he gets to work behind and learned from a very similar person and player and Cam Newton and the Patriots don't have to rush. Hey, they have enough talent. That they can go eight mate this year with Cam Newton. I think Bill Belichick and the Daniels knows that so for Justin Field, who has so much talent and probably could play right away, not needing him to play right away, kind of reinventing his ability in the pocket and working through You know, working with tight ends at to China and set something Justin Field hasn't really done a lot of state, giving him time and any court back that gets time and in the draft process, I think has a better chance to be successful. So, with all that being said, you have the Patriots. You have McDaniels, who's very smart can do in tow. Watch over him a lot of talent on that offense and more to come a team that believes in you having that chip on his shoulder. All those things. Maybe think Justin Field into England could be very dangerous for the F C east of the absolutely forward. So let's let's get a little plug in here. I'll let you plug optimum Scouting. You can follow Eric on Twitter at Eric Alcoa G A. L K O And Why don't you get a plug in for optimum scouting? Yeah. Also for just was named officially yesterday as the new director of football operations for the East West Shrine Bowl, which is the longstanding college All Star game. I'll be in charge of that and making the shrine Bull and the opportunity and awesome opportunity for media for players were NFL teams. T O be a big part of the draft process, so they get some of the East West Shrine ball moving forward after all, talk to you guys a lot more about draft prospects. Especially in next January, preparing for the 2022 NFL draft down there with the East West rival. It's good to have an end we had, and then when you were with the except found now we gotta in with the East West Shrine game, So that's all right. Just trying to help guys just trying to help so appreciate. Well, congratulations on that and thank you for coming on with us this morning. Erik enjoyed the draft. Thank you guys. Good luck this weekend. Thank you, Eric Delko, Optimum scouting, joining us on our Western hotline. When we get back, all right, New England. I'm telling you, the Patriots, right field has got to be its core back or Boston if they don't get it done. The draft is a failure for them. They love to see him take a linebacker and around one. What if this is this? Also, By the way, the whole thing strikes me like some of the Patriots, Super Bowls where people do stupid things in front of them and allow them to get the thing that they shouldn't have. I'm not taking Justin Fields. Third to me. Looks like Throwing on first. Just give the ball to Marshawn Lynch. Yeah. Hey, hey, seventies. Go. Just take Justin Fields. Well, if they don't, I think that Jesus. They don't. I guess then the discussion is okay. Lanson. Well, whatever fields is left how many other teams were taking a quarterback? Anybody else trading up trying to get ahead of New England Trading up? Mean Carolina should and Denver should. And Detroit? Probably should. Yeah, But will they with with golf? I mean, that's not the golf is any great, like Oh, we can't take a quarterback. I hadn't thought about the lions very much taking a quarterback after that trade. Yeah. E feel like Detroit would would put that up for bid for some team that wants to get up and get Justin Fields or whatever whatever quarterback is valued its on the board. I feel like they would use that to trade out and and leverage teams against each other, as opposed to taking a quarterback themselves. We had New England anyway. I'm doing them when we get back. Tom Curren, NBC sports in Boston will join us and we'll talk more about what the heck the Patriots might be doing. Come Thursday and the rest of the.

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